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185 Bill of Materials SUSPENSION PART NUMBER BOX PART NUMBER COMPONENT PART NUMBERS QTY. DESCRIPTION SUSPENSION PART NUMBER BOX PART NUMBER COMPONENT PART NUMBERS QTY. DESCRIPTION RS6444 Jeep Wrangler (YJ Series) 1986-96, Suspension System One Carton RS140300 1 Front Panhard Bar Relocation Bracket RS8557 1 Front Panhard Bar Hardware Kit RS140301 1 Rear Panhard Bar Relocation Bracket RS8012 1 Rear Panhard Bar Hardware Kit RS140302 2 Transfer Case Spacer RS8013 1 Transfer Case Spacer Hardware Kit RS140303 1 Bumpstop Spacer, Left Rear RS140304 1 Bumpstop Spacer, Right Rear RS7500 2 Axle Shim, 2.5 Degree's RS8014 4 Spring Bushing Kit RS8563 1 Brakeline Bracket Hardware Kit RS8744 1 Instruction sheet RS6501 Jeep Wrangler (TJ Series), Suspension System Two Cartons RS6501-1 RS822 2 JEEP FRONT COIL RS822-92X (Part of RS822) 1 JEEP FRONT COIL RS695 2 TJ REAR COIL RS176637 4 LOWER LINK A RS176637-111 1 LOWER LINK L RS7874 2 GREASE FITTING RS95047 1 BOX,25Z\vX9 RS88501 1 JEEP INSTRUCTIONS RS94180 1 INFORMATION RS94177 (Part of RS94180) 1 ROLLOVER WAR RS94119 (Part of RS94180) 1 WARNING, OPE RS780281 (Part of RS94180) 1 6 ″ RANCHO DE RS166 (Part of RS94180) 1 BAG, 9 x 12 RS94162 1 JEEP ATTENTION RS18 1 THERMAL LABEL RS94175 1 RED LINK STI RS94143 1 FLAG DECAL, RS6501-2 RS8567 1 SUB ASSY, BU RS18 1 THERMAL LABEL RS256-4 1 BOX, 4Z\zn RS420027 2 BUMPSTOP SPA RS130019 1 BRACKET, RR RS130019-933 (Part of RS130019) 1 BRACKET UNPL RS130019-1 (Part of RS130019) 1 GUSSET, RR RS130019-2 (Part of RS130019) 1 FRAME PLATE RS8597 1 SUB ASSY, BU RS54 (Part of RS8597) 1 BOX, 15 X RS18 (Part of RS8597) 1 THERMAL LABE RS420025 (Part of RS8597) 8 SLEEVE, 1.00 RS530-4 (Part of RS8597) 16 BUSHG, SELF RS420025-933 (Part of RS8597) 1 SLEEVE RS860683 1 SUB ASSY HAR RS18 1 THERMAL LABE RS94143 1 FLAG DECAL, RS11 1 20C\, x 5 1 RS54 1 BOX, 15 x RS18 1 THERMAL LABE RS860160 1 SUB ASSY, SH RS77032 (Part of RS860160) 4 BHCS, Z\v-20 RS7710 (Part of RS860160) 4 NUT, Z\v-20 RS77841 (Part of RS860160) 4 WASHER Z\v S RS6501 (Cont.) RS176090 (Part of RS860160) 1 SHIFT RELOCA RS176090-933 (Part of RS860160) SHIFT RELOCA RS42702 (Part of RS860160) 2 .5 cc THREAD RS143 (Part of RS860160) 1 BAG, 6 x 8 - RS860072 1 SUB ASSY, TR RS143 (Part of RS860072) 1 BAG, 6 x 8 - RS420026 (Part of RS860072) 1 SLEEVE, .750 RS420026-933 (Part of RS860072) 1 SLEEVE RS77033 (Part of RS860072) 1 HHCS, M\zn-1 RS7726 (Part of RS860072) 2 WASHER, M\zn RS7837 (Part of RS860072) 1 NUT, M\zn-14 RS770051 (Part of RS860072) 1 HHCS, C\,-16 RS603508 (Part of RS860072) 2 WASHER, C\, RS7839 (Part of RS860072) 1 NUT, C\,-16 RS77035 (Part of RS860072) 2 HHCS, 12MMX1 RS7723 (Part of RS860072) 4 WASHER, Z\x RS7911 (Part of RS860072) 2 NUT, 12MM-1. RS860161 1 SUB ASSY, SK RS77037 (Part of RS860161) 6 SHCS, Z\x-13 RS140320 (Part of RS860161) 6 WASHER, Z\x RS7691 (Part of RS860161) 2 HHCS, 10MMX1 RS603525 (Part of RS860161) 2 LOCKWASHER, RS176091 (Part of RS860161) 6 SKID PLATE S RS176091-933 (Part of RS176091) 1 SKID PLATE RS176092 (Part of RS860161) 6 SKID PLATE S RS176092-933 (Part of RS860161) 1 SKID PLATE RS13 (Part of RS860161) 1 BAG, 6 x 8 - RS18 (Part of RS860161) 1 THERMAL LABE RS860483 1 SUB ASSY, MY RS7914 (Part of RS860483) 6 HHCS, 12MMX1 RS7915 (Part of RS860483) 6 WASHER, M12 RS143 (Part of RS860483) 1 BAG, 6 x 8 - RS176443 2 FRONT BUMPST RS860155 1 SUB ASSY, RE RS545 (Part of RS860155) 4 BUSHING,EB1 RS420088 (Part of RS860155) 4 .688 x .448 RS18 (Part of RS860155) 1 THERMAL LABE RS13 (Part of RS860155) 1 BAG, 6 x 8 - RS7629 (Part of RS860155) 4 HHCS, M\zn-2 RS7616 (Part of RS860155) 4 NUT, M\zn-20 RS7726 (Part of RS860155) 4 WASHER, M\zn RS7746 (Part of RS860155) 6 WASHER, M\zn RS18 (Part of RS860155) 1 THERMAL LABE RS176088 2 REAR END LIN RS176088-921 (Part of RS176088) 1 REAR END LIN RS176088-1 (Part of RS176088) 1 .750X.438X7X RS750156 (Part of RS176088) 1 C\v ″ x .156 111610747 (Part of RS176088) 2 LOOP S100300937218 (Part of RS176088) 1 CR, C1010

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