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2 8 22 26 36 40 48 54 AS I SEE IT Will ISO 55000 Change the Definition of Lubrication Excellence? The recent standard published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) could be a game-changer for machinery asset management and the field of reliability. FROM THE FIELD Understanding the Economics of Maintenance and Reliability Successful maintenance and reliability managers understand the investments of time, money and energy, including how the three are related and can be substituted for one another. Learn the expected returns and strategies that can be employed to yield better results. HYDRAULICS Why Hydraulic Oil Changes Color Find out when an oil color change indicates your system is suffering from lost lubricating properties or gross contamination and when it is simply a normal aging characteristic that should be dismissed. CONFERENCE REVIEW Reliable Plant 2016 Sees Increased Attendance in Louisville The 17th annual Reliable Plant Conference & Exhibition in Louis- ville, Kentucky, proved to be among the most successful in the event's histor y, with a significant increase in attendance compared to 2015 and 2014. More 39 TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE 46 PRODUCT SUPERMARKET 52 ASK THE EXPERTS Editorial Features 34 GET TO KNOW 38 NOW ON MACHINERYLUBRICATION.COM Departments 30 SHOW STOPPERS 37 BOOKSTORE LUBE-TIPS Our readers offer advice on a host of lubrication-related issues, including tips on storing grease guns, using synthetic oils, changing oil in small pumps, checking lubricant compatibility and employing a magnet for routine oil inspections. LESSONS IN LUBRICATION Selecting the Right Oil Analysis Lab Often the steps involved in selecting an oil analysis laborator y are guided by the wrong motivations. Discover which factors you should consider and why your end goal can provide the answers to these important decisions. TRAINING AND CERTIFICATION ICML Names 2015 Battle and Gill Award Winners The International Council for Machiner y Lubrication (ICML) has chosen the 2015 winners of the Augustus H. Gill award for excel- lence in oil analysis and the John R. Battle award for excellence in lubrication. BACK PAGE BASICS Why You Should Maintain Precise Oil Levels in Sumps and Reservoirs Checking an oil level indicator might seem like a small task, but it can be critically important for the reliability of your machiner y. Learn why maintaining a precise oil level in certain sumps and reser voirs is important due to the influence the oil level has on internal components. May-June 2016 Contents 12 COVER STORY 15 Tips to Help You Achieve Lubrication Excellence In celebration of its 15th anniversary, Machinery Lubrication magazine presents 15 of the best lubrication tips that have been offered through the years.

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