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THIS MONTH, MACHINERY LUBRICATION CONTINUES ITS "TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE" SECTION in which we focus on a group of questions from Noria's Practice Exam for Level I Machine Lubrication Technician and Machine Lubricant Analyst. The answers are located at the bottom of this page. The complete 126-question practice test with expanded answers is available at TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE Answers 1. E Condition-based maintenance is often referred to as predictive maintenance (PdM), where the ultimate goal is to perform maintenance activity based on early detection of problems using periodic or continuous monitoring. Obviously, "E" is the correct answer, while "B" and "C" represent preventive and reactive mainte- nance, respectively. 2. E Generally, the film thickness in a journal bearing is approximately 10 microns, while in a rolling-element bearing it is about 1 micron. This is why rolling-element bearings are more sensitive to contaminants. 3. D Oil degradation due to contamination can result in a viscosity change (decrease/ increase) based on the contaminant; additive depletion due to decomposition, adsorption and separation; and oxidation where contaminants such as water work as catalysts to expedite the oxidation reaction. 1. Condition-based maintenance: A) Is based on the condition of the equipment and the early detection of faults B) Is based on regular time-based overhauls C) Is based on run to failure D) Is based on the condition of the oil and other root causes E) Answers A and D 2. The oil film thickness (or dynamic operating clearance) in operating bearings: A) Cannot be determined B) Is about 10 microns for journal bearings (although can vary considerably) C) Is about a micron for rolling bearings D) Is not measurable E) Answers B and C 3. Oil degradation due to contamination can result in: A) Viscosity change B) Additive depletion C) Oxidation D) All of the above E) Only A and B Twiter Stay Connected With Noria Follow us on Twitter Like us on Facebook Connect with us on LinkedIn /noria-corporation Continue learning with us on YouTube | May - June 2016 | 39

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