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June 2016

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RETAILOBSERVER.COM JUNE 2016 14 T he cold, hard truth is that B2B customers spend less than 5% of their time actively buying products and services. Top performers know how to engage far beyond that tiny window and maximize the 95%. BEYOND THE SALES PROCESS presents 12 proven strategies to give customers new and powerful reasons to engage, to position and differentiate unique value, and to drive success after the sale through an authentic relationship and value realization. "Customers value authentic relationships based on transparency, integrity, credibility, and trust, and will pay more for this, even in today's difficult selling environment," attest authors Steve Andersen and Dave Stein. Illustrated by case studies from Hilton Worldwide, Merck, Panasonic, Siemens, and other leading companies, and reinforced by research from Aberdeen Group, SAMA, ITSMA, and other noted experts, BEYOND THE SALES PROCESS provides a solid framework for driving success and strengthening customer relationships before, during, and after every sale. Much has been written about sales, but until this book, there's been remarkably little said about how the world's leading companies engage with their most important customers, develop new opportunities, and grow these relationships. Each company profiled in the case study features one of its own customers to provide insight on sales and customer engagement excellence—from both sides of the relationship. Organized in three phases, the proven dozen building blocks reveal a fresh, effective approach to engaging, winning, and growing with customers. BEYOND THE SALES PROCESS gives dedicated B2B sales professionals a coveted edge on helping customers solve their problems, encouraging customers to trust and endorse their products, and keeping customers buying. Rather than a how-to manual for beginners, this book is an in-depth guide for practicing professionals who have the drive to extend and expand their customer relationships beyond the traditional sales cycle. B O O K R E V I E W BEYOND THE SALES PROCESS: 12 Proven Strategies for a Customer-Driven World Authors: Steve Andersen is President and Founder of Performance Methods, Inc., a sales and account management best-practices consulting firm. Dave Stein is a sales consultant and strategist whose expertise has been featured in Fast Company, Harvard Business Review, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, and Forbes. He is also an advisor to Sales and Marketing Management magazine. Publisher: AMACOM RO

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