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52 SMOKESHOP June 2016 The Lotus Group is now the exclusive distributor for Ciguardian Humidification Accessories, a well-established and respected brand in the industry. As an introductory offer, the company is offering special promotional pricing on all Ciguardian products, including The Solution, humidi- fier PG solution in 8oz or 16oz bottles; The Sentinel, hydro- gel jars in 2oz or 4oz sizes; and The Chaperone, bi-directional crystal humidifiers in capacities for 10, 50, and 250 cigars. The Lotus Group/Integral, Sunrise, Fla., Tel: (954) 746-9026, Fax: (954) 746-9206, Email: info@inte-, Web: Specifically designed to use the smallest Boveda two-way humidification packets, Gramm Works travel humidors are machined from aircraft-grade, military-spec aluminum— possi- bly the best-looking, best-built travel humidors to be found any- where. Available in two different lengths, these 2-inch internal diameter humidors hold four to five cigars, depending on the ring gauge, and include Boveda's patented 2-way humidity con- trol, guaranteed to regulate humidity without cycles or fluctua- tion to provide cigar-perfect 69% RH. Each humidor consists of a cedar-lined black aluminum tube in either toro (6 inches long, $75 retail) or Churchill (7 inches long, $80 retail) sizes; one end cap with Boveda storage space; one end cap with hygrometer, lanyard, and cigar rest grooves; a bottle opener carabiner; and one 8gm 69% RH Boveda two- way humidification packet. End caps are available in a choice of gold, blue, black, or red. Boveda, Inc., Wayzata, Minn., Tel: (952) 745-2900, Email:, Web: Kretek International, Inc. is offering a new Djeep 48-count pre-packed display, providing retailers with an extra profit opportunity for their lighter section. The display carries 24 Marilyn Monroe lighters to celebrate her 90 th birthday (June 1, 1926), and 24 Hot Body lighters with Djeep's new brighter lacquer-wrap finish. This unit will be available throughout 2016. Additional units with different Djeep lighter sets will be available on a quarterly basis. The display can be refilled with new trays of 24 Djeep lighters or replaced with a whole new unit. It offers a small counter foot print, perfect for front or back counter in smoke shops. Kretek International, Inc., Moorkpark, Calif., Toll-free: (800) 358-8100, Email:, Web: > Lotus Group Named Distributor for Ciguardian Accessories > Gramm Works Boveda Machined Aluminum Travel Humidors SHOWCASE >>>GIFTS & ACCESSORIES Product >First of Quarterly Djeep 48-Lighter Prepacks Debuts with Monroe, Hot Body The Desktop Flame lighter from HFbarcelona, made of metal with a wooden base and offered in four different finishes each with its own and color and accent themes (brown, white, red, or black) is a sleek three-inch cube table lighter designed for tabletop display so it's always ready to share among smokers. It's equipped with a windproof jet flame mechanism that works equally as well indoors or outdoors. Suggested retail price, $90. Hfbarcelona, Barcelona, Spain, Email: info@hfbarcelona. com, Web:; distributed in U.S.A. by Miami Cigar & Co., Miami, Fla., Tel: (305) 599-3395. >Hfbarcelona's Desktop Lighters

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