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68 SMOKESHOP August 2016 Production and distribution of the Palió cigar cutter has resumed under the accessory's new owner, Quality Importers. Company president Michael Giordano set out to provide supply chains with reliable and consistent sourcing while maintaining the brand's precision engineering and offering an expanded selection of styles colors. Giordano says Palió cutters offer remarkable long-last sharpness, an ergonomic design for smooth, effortless cuts, and a large cutter opening. The contoured units also double as a table-top cigar holders. The Black Matte model is offered at $44.99, while eight new glossy styles (Jet Black, Alpine White, Tuscan Sun Yellow, Blaze Orange, Phoenix Red, Sahara Brown, Polo Green, and Royal Blue) are priced at $49.99. In addition, the Carbon Fiber Wrap, Camo Wrap, and Burl Wood Wrap styles have also returned, priced at $59.99 each. All cutters include a redesigned gift box, and Quality Importers also offers a compact counter-top POS display. Additional Palió products include a table cutter, single jet flame lighters, and travelers gift sets. Quality Importers Trading Co., Weston, Fla., Tel: (954) 602- 5637, Web: Kretek International, Inc. has released a new display set of red, white, and blue-themed lighters. Stars & Stripes, Classics, and Denim set the tone. Kretek's goal is to provide retailers with Djeep lighters' premium appeal in a patriotic pre- packed lineup. The new 108-count unit displays 72 lighters on six 12-count replaceable trays, with 36 additional lighters as backup stock. The display offers Djeep's small counter foot print, perfect for front or back counter in smoke shops and c-stores and will be available throughout 2016. Kretek International, Inc., Moorkpark, Calif., Toll-free: (800) 358-8100, Email: salesinfo@kretek. com, Web: In an effort to add stronger air circulation to its Magna electronic humidifier while still maintaining its signature sealed design, Cigar Oasis has upgraded the unit's internal fans by adding over 30 percent more power and speed. In addition, the housing has been streamlined to allow for faster and more effective air travel. "We realized that the Magna was being used primarily by retailers in their cabinets which are opened rather frequently, so they needed more power to quickly recover that lost humidity, especially on the higher shelves," says Chaim Kohn of Cigar Oasis. "In keeping with the sealed design, the Magna 2.0 will still work just as well in a personal tower humidor and will never run the risk of over humidifying." These upgrades further advance the Cigar Oasis Magna as a staple for any cabinet humidor— for retailers or connoisseurs alike. The Magna 2.0 MSRP is staying the same at $199 and the improved model is currently shipping. Cigar Oasis, Farmingdale, N.Y., Tel: (516) 520-5258, Email:, Web: > Improved Palió Cutters Shipping >America's Colors Featured on new 108-Count Merchandiser from Djeep SHOWCASE >>>GIFTS & ACCESSORIES Product >Cigar Oasis Releases Magna 2.0 Cabinet Humidifier HumiKit is Xikar, Inc.'s new all-in-one humidification system featuring all of the company's essential products necessary to successfully maintain an ideal "cigar fresh" environment in desktop humidors. Included is a prefilled 250ct Crystal Humidifier that emits and absorbs moisture; an 8 oz. bottle of Xikar PG Solution to maintain 70 percent relative humidity; the company's new HumiFan Humidor Air Circulator to prevent stagnant conditions inside humidors; and a precalibrated PuroTemp Digital Gauge Hygrometer, a modern depiction of the retro analog style unit, for monitoring temperature and relative humidity. The kit is presented in deluxe retail packaging. Suggested retail price is $99. Xikar, Inc., Kansas City, Mo., Tel: (888) 266-1193, Email: info@xikar. com, Web: >HumiKit from Xikar Provides Complete Humidor System

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