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6 panels 9/30/08 8:13 PM Page 2 VINYL HANDRAIL COVERING DESIGN CONSIDERATIONS Alku-Rail profiles fit standard channels and flat bars. All profiles can be used on curves as well as straight runs. Curved turns (Fig.1) are preferable to angle turns (Fig.3) because they elimi- nate the need for cutting and welding. The minimum inside radius of a lateral curve is twice the width of the supporting rail. The minimum radius will be less depending on the angle of the slope at the curved section in the case of a compound curve (Fig.2). The minimum radius reduces proportionately to the steepness of the slope. It is recommended that the radii of the curves be greater than the minimum to facil- itate easier application and achieve a more attractive finished appearance. QUALITY Alku-Rail enhances the decor of all modern building designs. For uses in prestige office buildings, banks, hospitals, civic buildings, institutions, churches, airport terminals, schools, apartment buildings, shopping plazas, restaurants, hotels, private homes, department stores, and more. SAFE AND DURABLE Alku-Rail combines a fire resistant and pleasant to the touch surface, which can be securely gripped at all times. It is easily maintained, never requires polishing, and just the mere touch of a damp cloth will remove finger marks and surface dust. COLOURFUL AND INEXPENSIVE (Fig.1) Lateral Curve Compounded Curve (Fig.2) Angled Turn w/ mitred corners (Fig.3) Alku-Rail sections can be welded together to create a seamless appearance. Due to the pigmentation of the metallic colours, a dark welding seam is visible. End caps are essential to provide a finished appearance and to keep the Alku-Rail in place (Fig.4). For wall-mounted handrails with a return to the wall, it is important to leave at least one inch of clearance between the end of the rail and the wall to facilitate proper application of the end cap and simplify cleaning of the wall (Fig.5). Alku-Rail is available in 19 decorative colours. It is up to 30% less expensive than all import- ed handrail and yet, through Canadian ingenuity, unsur- passed in quality. MAINTENANCE Alku-Rail is properly cleaned and polished during installation. A damp cloth will remove surface dust and finger marks. For the removal of accumulated grime and grease, a mild detergent solu- tion can be used. No wax is to be applied to the surface. USE ONLY A CLEAN DAMP CLOTH. Fig.4 Fig.5 2" 1-1/2" x 1/2" Tel. 905-265-1093 Toll Free 1-800-465-7143 Fax 905-265-1063 285 1"

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