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BAR STOCK Plain Square Bar Hammered Corners Square Bar Hammered Face & Corners Square Bar - 8 sides Twisted Square Bar Hammered Face Square Bar - 4 sides Woodgrain Square Bar Scored Square Bar Hammered Face Square Bar - 2 sides Grooved Square Bar (e.g. 8052/12) Plain Square Bar - Hollow Hammered Corners Square Bar - Hollow Hammered Face Square Bar - Hollow Hammered Corners Rectangular Bar - Hollow Plain Round Bar Textured Round Bar (e.g. 598/ series) Woodgrain Round Bar - Type 1 (e.g. 599/ series) Woodgrain Round Bar - Type 2 (e.g. 600/ series) Grapevine Effect Round Bar Grooved Round Bar Plain Round Bar - Hollow Twisted Round Bar - Hollow Plain Rectangular Bar Hammered Corners Rectangular Bar Hammered Face Rectangular Bar - 2 sides Scored Rectangular Bar Hammered Face & Corners Rectangular Bar - 6 sides (2 faces + 4 corners) Hammered Face Rectangular Bar - 1 side Fluted Square Bar Fluted Square Bar - Hammered Edge Fluted Rectangular Bar Fluted Rectangular Bar - 2 sides Knots Double Round Bar (e.g. 615/ & 617/ series) Twisted Rope Quadri-Grooved Bar (e.g. 626/ series) Diamond Hammered Profile Angle Iron Channel Banding Profile - Type 1 Banding Profile - Type 2 Banding Profile - Type 3 / Half Round Section 12mm SQ. 420 x 530mm Hammered version on page 158 ICON A B C D E F G H I A B C D A B C D E F A B A B C D E F A B S Stocked Item ICONS LEGEND OTHER Stocked Item *These are items that are usually kept in stock; however, there may be times when the stock has run out. Please contact us to confirm should you require these items within a short period of time. S ICON Double-Faced (DF) *Essentially or exactly the same on both sides; all castings double- faced unless otherwise specified. DF Single-Faced (SF) *Essentially flat on back side with little or no detail. SF Side-Backed-Out (SBO) *Concave on back side with no detail. SBO *Single-faced (SF) and side-backed-out (SBO) castings will not match when placed "back-to-back". Sand castings, by their nature, are NOT perfect mirror images. SAMPLE ITEM 26/C/1 Hammered Corners Square Bar B DF Double Faced

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