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139 Trench Safety Equipment / Steel Crossing Plates Rent now at UnitedRentals.com/equipment Quick-Connect lifting tool connects to flush picking plate for 1-point lifting. The screw-lift ring connects to the steel plate for easy placement. Steel Crossing Plates A variety of steel crossing plates are available from United Rentals Trench Safety. All plates are made from ASTM A-36 steel, making them safe and durable for traffic as well as pedestrians, with no protrusions above the plate surface. The plates can be lifted with rubber-tired backhoes, making positioning and placement fast and easy. With our quick connect or screw lift connect there is simply no quicker, safer, or more cost-effective lifting method on the market. • 8000 lb. recommended safe working load • Flat stacking: simple hookup with plates flat on the ground or stacked plate-to-plate – never a need to reach under a plate • Quick and easy connection provides centered, single-point lift for better balance and control • Specially designed plastic insert (available on request) fills the lifting hole for the safety of crossing traffic • Plates should be secured from lateral movement while in use by means of materials such as asphalt-base cold mix Plate Size Thickness Weight 5' x 8' 1" 1633 lbs. 5' x 10' 1" 2042 lbs. 6' x 10' 1" 2450 lbs. 6' x 20' 1" 4899 lbs. 8' x 8' 1" 2613 lbs. 8' x 10' 1" 3266 lbs. 8' x 12' 1" 3917 lbs. 8' x 15' 1" 4899 lbs. 8' x 15' 1-1/2" 7349 lbs. 8' x 16' 1-1/2" 7872 lbs. 8' x 20' 1" 6533 lbs. Skid-Resistant Crossing Plates Skid-Resistant plates comply with city regulations Crossing a traditional steel crossing plate during or after a rain shower or snowfall can be highly risky. That is why United Rentals now offers skid-resistant crossing plates in various sizes. Some city regulations require that plates have skid resistance equal to or greater than the adjacent road surface. Avoid costly fines and increase jobsite safety. Ask your local representative for more details. Plate Locks Road Plate Securing System Save time and money by utilizing the Plate Locks road plate securing system. Plate Locks are a high visibility safety orange ramp that surrounds your road plates keeping them in place. They are reusable, recyclable, and anchored to the pavement so that they can be left in place while work or inspections are being done and the plate can be placed back in the frame at the end of the day. No more scraping shoveling and sweeping up a cold mix mess from around the work site, and no more worries about a plate coming off of its trench.

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