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165 Rent now at UnitedRentals.com/equipment Pipe & Construction Lasers / Surveying Equipment DG511 & DG711 Pipe Lasers Withstands Crew Abuse & Harsh Job Conditions The DG511 and DG711 are built tough for long-lasting performance and reliability. They are easy to assemble and use with straightforward, "no- instructions-required" controls. The industry's largest display lets you see the % grade from outside the manhole. Protective coating prevents damage from stones and debris. Metal housings provide unmatched protection from sewage effluents and clean up like new. Both models have a steep grade option, to manually "rake-in" grades up to 100%. Grade range: -15% to +40%. Self- leveling range: complete grade range, no rough leveling required. Line range: 20°. Complete setup accessories available. Cat. Class: 700-2100 LL300 Laser Level Rugged Construction Combined w/Precise Accuracy The automatic, self-leveling LL300 is the most rugged laser level available. Tough enough to handle a wide variety of general and concrete construction applications, the LL300 delivers consistently reliable and accurate performance. This unit is capable of surviving drops of up to 3' and tripod tips of up to 5'. Set up is easy, with minimal controls to deal with. Ideal for elevation control, excavations, basic slopes, leveling forms and footers, and concrete pours. Cat. Class: 700-2000 LL500 Laser Level Meets Your Toughest Accuracy Requirements The LL500 is a one person leveling system designed for the most rugged environment. Accurate, stable, and reliable, the LL500 is ideal for longer range measurements across your entire site. It comes complete with a hand-held or rod-mounted receiver and can also be machine-mounted. Applications: checking elevations, setting concrete forms (small and large jobs), checking foundations, digging footings. Cat. Class: 700-2000 GL42 Self-Leveling Grade Laser For Single Slope Applications The GL42 is easy-to-use and is ideal for shorter range grading applications. With a grade range of 0.10 to 25.0%, it can be used for single or compound slopes. A versatile laser, the GL42 also allows quick alignment positioning using a bright visible beam. The visible beam can be stopped and pointed for use as a short-run "above-the-top" pipe laser. Applications include concrete forms and footers, concrete sections needing grade for water run-off, short run sewer connections, and ditch banks up to 25% grade. Cat. Class: 700-2060

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