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After two consecutive years of reporting declining wages, Machinery Lubrication's online survey of lubrication professionals in the United States revealed a slight increase in the average salary for 2016, although compensation rates still have not rebounded to 2012-2013 levels. Other industry insights included the trend toward more education and training, as the percentage of survey participants with a grad- uate degree doubled from 2015, and the number of respondents who have earned at least one professional certification increased by nearly 10 percent from the previous year. While raises and bonuses were down, the prospects for 2017 remain high with more individuals expecting their salary to increase and their company to add lubrication-related jobs in the coming year. We would like to thank everyone who took the time to complete the annual survey. HOW DOES YOUR SALARY MEASURE UP? 18 | September - October 2016 | 2016 SAL ARY SURVE Y More than $150,000: $125,000 to $150,000: $100,000 to $124,000: $80,000 to $99,000: $60,000 to $79,000: $40,000 to $59,000: Less than $40,000: What is your current annual salary? 2% 7% 14% 25% 27% 20% 5% Average Salary by Year 2016: $80,688 2015: $78,112 2014: $79,000 2013: $82,000 2012: $82,000 The highest reported salary was $230,000, while the lowest was $23,000. Have you received a raise in the past year? Yes 68% No 32% The number of respon- dents who received a raise in the past year dropped to the lowest level in six years.

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