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2 14 18 36 40 46 50 AS I SEE IT Getting Machines to the Proper State of Inspection Readiness There is a need to enhance the quality of machine-transmitted conditions so inspectors get a clear and complete picture of the state of the machine's health. HYDRAULICS Controlling Hydraulic Oil Temperatures Ever y hydraulic system generates a certain amount of heat, but if the system is running higher than 140 degrees, it is too hot. Find out how this can be prevented. INDUSTRY FOCUS 2016 Salary Survey: How Does Your Salary Measure Up? Machiner y Lubrication magazine recently asked lubrication professionals about their jobs, including their salar y, training and workload. The responses revealed some interesting insights into the lubrication industr y. LUBE-TIPS Our readers offer advice on a host of lubrication-related issues, including tips on converting gearboxes to synthetics. More 37 BOOKSTORE 39 TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE 44 ASK THE EXPERTS Editorial Features 32 GET TO KNOW 38 NOW ON MACHINERYLUBRICATION.COM Departments 30 PRODUCT NEWS 34 PRODUCT SUPERMARKET LESSONS IN LUBRICATION Best Practices for Performing Oil Analysis on Your Engine Oil Engine oil is unique in that it has more additives than nearly all other lubricating oils. These additives are necessar y because engines are challenged with more stressors and contaminants during operation than most other machines. This is why oil anal- ysis on gasoline and diesel engine oils must be treated differently. TRAINING AND CERTIFICATION Gain the Confidence to Succeed with Certification There are many benefits to earning a professional certification. Certified professionals not only are better able to evaluate their own strengths and weaknesses, but they also have a broader understanding of the skills and toolsets that can be effective. BACK PAGE BASICS What You Should Know About Brake Fluid While vehicle owners may change their brake pads, rotors or drums based on a mechanic's recommendation or their car not stopping as soon as it once did, few people replace the brake fluid. Indeed, brake fluid may be a car's most neglected component. September-October 2016 Contents 8 COVER STORY How to Manage Hot Bearings in Your Plant Even if the actual bearing temperatures in your plant are known, often times no one truly understands what actions are required at which temperatures.

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