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November 2016

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Early into the 20th century, two hardware store owners in Ripon, Wisconsin began a venture that would have the next century's laundry machine market moving to the beat of a differentiating drum. Their purchase of several hand-powered washing machines set into motion the development of laundry equipment known for its longevity. And known today as Speed Queen ® . FROM MANUAL TO MATCHLESS. The hand-powered washers bought by Joe Barlow and John Seelig in 1908 were seeds that soon grew into the partners' first motorized machines. It was a milestone that set the Speed Queen brand on a century-long course of American-made laundering innovation and leadership beginning in homes and evolving into an exclusive commitment to the commercial market. In 2004, Speed Queen reentered the consumer market, realizing that the products built to perform in such demanding commercial applications as hospitals and laundromats would also fill the glaring need of average homeowners for above-average quality laundry machines. COMMERCIAL-GRADE MEANS BETTER MADE. Speed Queen's lifetime of leadership in commercial laundry equipment has allowed them to provide consumers with washers and dryers built to perform for 25 years in the home and backed by an industry- leading 5-year warranty. The reason is simple. While other manufacturers build their washers and dryers with plastic parts, Speed Queen uses commercial-quality metal components. And all electronic controls and circuitry are engineered to endure the most extreme moisture and climate conditions, power surges and vigorous vibration. It's a commitment to American quality that's proven in the performance. MAKING THE GRADE BY PASSING THE TESTS. Manufacturing products that perform for a quarter- century in the home begins with a program of vigorous product testing long before the manufacturing process begins. To this end, Speed Queen employs a unique 5-stage product development process that pushes each design to its limits on screen and in the field. Within a state- of-the-art test lab, equipment is tested to 10,400 cycles, the equivalent of 25 years of performance in the average home and two to three times longer than other brands. THE PROOF COMES OUT IN A BETTER WASH. The entire point of Speed Queen's history of progress has been to create the best possible clean with the least possible damage to clothing. Speed Queen top load washers, for instance, feature a flexible, high vane agitator that rotates 210º at 68 strokes per minute to create more thorough water distribution and a smooth stainless steel tub that won't wear on fabric. And its revolutionary front load washers use patent-pending baffles and a perfected tumble algorithm that moves the drum at ideal intervals and reversal rates to ensure that all items are washed evenly. It's the kind of cleaning performance that two entrepreneurs envisioned back in 1908. And the kind upon which today countless thousands of Speed Queen commercial and consumer laundry customers stake their purchasing peace of mind. AN HONEST SPIN ON A REVOLUTIONARY BRAND.

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