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By CHRIS McGRATH Y es, it is now 30 years since the crowning glory of Dancing Brave's Arc; and nearly 25, since he closed the book on his Turf career. But the same vitality that had propelled him into the vanguard of the training profession has since sustained a no less extraordinary career in business. And, spry and animated at 77, Harwood still talks and thinks like a man intent on a final few chapters to perfect the preceding saga. Here he is, another meeting just over, at a board- room table in the office annexed – via an indoor pool – to his sumptuous West Sussex house. Dap- per in tie and braces, he retains a full head of silver Once they have retired, and disappear from the daily racetrack scene, we tend to draw on the mem- ories of horsemen much as we do a dusty volume from a shelf. However reverently, we compress and confine their stories to the worn binding of the past. Nobody should make that mistake with GUY HARWOOD 29

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