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all the trainers, stud farms and auctions." With a team of top professionals span- ning across the globe, which now includes his 21-year-old daughter Joanna, Teo has already accomplished many of the major goals he set when starting the China Horse Club. "In the China Horse Club, one of the goals is to become a household brand, to let the Chinese and their friends overseas know that there is an organization that does look at what their dreams are and of what their children's dreams are," Teo remarked. "So far, we think the club is heading in the right direction. We are helping the members to invest correctly in the area of the sport that they are interested in. Even though the country's racing is incomplete, they can still enjoy the sport globally." Teo also continues his efforts to increase and strengthen the local racing in China through his Chinese Equine Cultural Festi- val, which he hopes to build into a top inter- national race meet. "We started it to give the partners aware- ness that in China you can organize interna- tional standard races not just local races," Teo explained. "We also wanted to har- ness the people into an interest group and bring them overseas to learn and to expose themselves and then make an investment. We look to build up the capacity of the pal- ette in China. We will come to a point in five years time when the CECF will be equiva- lent to any of the big races in America or in Europe or in Australia. There is no lack of sponsors in China. There is no lack of prize money in China. We are trying to harness the energy and to get the local brand in conjunction with the international brand." A visionary as well as an innovator, Teo's hopes and plans for the China Horse Club and Chinese racing industry expand by the day. Given his current success and determi- nation, it is only a matter of time before he turns those dreams into reality.

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