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he garden rooftop of West Hol- lywood, CA's Petit Ermitage Hotel has long been a serene and scenic getaway for elite global jetsetters, but as the sun sets over the Hollywood Hills, a posh mother and daughter, fresh off a plane from London, survey the scene around them in awe. For all of their chic Brit-ness—and for the many high teas they've likely attend- ed—they've never seen a tea party quite like this one, and their faces say it quite clearly: They've fallen down the rabbit hole, and they like it. At two long, perfectly decorated tables, guests sip tea, delicately nib- bling on a variety of finger sand- wiches, tarts and petit fours. Guests are wearing top hats, monocles and petit chapeaux; tea is poured by whimsical women with galaxy- colored hair and Harajuku dresses; the scent of cannabis fills the air as guests pass mini joints from one vintage-gloved hand to the next. "Oh. My. God," exclaims the young Londoner. "California is re- ally like this!" Indeed, the Golden State has gone green, but this trend toward curated culinary cannabis events has spread across the nation. From jazz bands playing in smoke- filled art studios in Boulder, CO, to private dinners in Los Angeles created by a bona fide chef who looks at cannabis like a vegetable, The Clever Root takes a look at the innovators whose high-end cannabis events are blazing new paths for gourmet ganja. s p r i n g 2 0 1 7 | 7 1 White Rabbit High Tea Parties by Jessica Eriksen, Los Angeles, CA Instagram: @WhiteRabbitHighTea It's hard to not feel remarkably like Alice when you sit with Jes- sica Eriksen at her White Rabbit High Tea parties, and you'll probably also hear Jefferson Airplane echo through your head as you nibble on an edible, wondering whether one bite will make you bigger, or another will make you small. "I really wanted to create a whimsical environment, and there's no better place for that than the Petit Ermitage," explains Eriksen as she finishes rolling an adorable mini joint, sliding it into a floral envelope. "And of course, the food is just wonderful here." While the food is lovely, it's also THC-free; Eriksen provides joints for her guests to share and partners with edibles companies to allow guests free reign to try something new, at a dosage that's just right. This party's sponsor, Native Seed Creations, embodies the diversity we're beginning to see in the cannabis space, with stylish health-conscious products like the Lift Bar, granola bars infused with solventless whole-plant extract, which are more yogi than stoney. "That's the beautiful thing about cannabis," says Eriksen, "it really has something for everyone." —R. B. Jessica Eriksen prepares for her White Rabbit High Tea Party.

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