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At an Altered Plates dinner exploring canna- bis as a vegetable, Chef Holden Jagger served up an amuse-bouche of Sumo tangerine coated in aromatic cannabis sugar, which contains no THC but preserves the aromatic terpene profile of the varietal used. P HOTO: ALTERED PLATES s p r i n g 2 0 1 7 | 7 3 Alicia Rose, Founder of HerbaBuena, Sonoma, CA Harvest time is a naturally joyous occasion—a hard season's bounty reaped and celebrated. In Sonoma County, harvest has been synonymous with wine for decades; now, the cannabis harvest is earning its spot in the celebratory sun. HerbaBuena welcomed its first permitted cannabis harvest in the fall of 2016 and introduced their health-conscious products, sourced from certified biodynamic farms, at a gathering of supporters and curious community mem- bers, who were invited to experience a new kind of harvest party and to meet the Mendocino County farmers behind their cannabis flowers. As guests walked into the Sonoma vineyard estate, cannabis juice started the evening off with "overall wellness and energy." On the covered back patio, ten jars of cured cannabis flowers were displayed on the bar, letting guests examine the range of hues and hairs on hand-trimmed buds like Pre '98 Bubba Kush and Cannatonic. All were grown, harvested and cured biodynamically to help the plants express their full genetic potential sustainably. It should come as no surprise that in Sonoma, wine and weed go hand-in- hand. Explains HerbaBuena founder Alicia Rose, "Both wine and cannabis have the ability to elevate and enhance the human experience. A thoughtful and intentional pairing of food, wine and cannabis, focused on flavor and effect, can offer a deeply nourishing experience for mind, body and spirit." Rose, whose roots are in the wine industry, offered this insight in pairing wines and cannabis: "When pairing wine and cannabis, we suggest inhaling your cannabis first, then filling in the experience with the sensuality of your fine wine. Since cannabis increases connection to all your senses, you'll find that you can relish in the flavors and nuance of the wine in a whole new way and that the lingering flavors of the cannabis will flow seamlessly into the nuanced tones of the wine. The added benefit to this scenario is that you'll avoid a hangover too!" — Allison Edrington ■cr Exploring the intersection of cannabis and wine was at the heart of the HerbaBuena cannabis celebration in Sonoma, CA. Founder Alicia Rose's cur- rent favorite pairings are certified biodynamic Pakistani Chitral Kush with a Pax Cellars Grenache, and her organically sun-grown Blueberry Muffin with Chase Cellars Petite Sirah. PHOTO: HERBABUENA

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