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s p r i n g 2 0 1 7 | 8 5 his soon-to-open restaurant (which opened in late 2016), he spoke of a different kind of gathering. His wife, Katina, runs a five-acre farm that supplies the restaurant where a multi-sensory dining experience is tailored to the in- dividual. If you don't enjoy oysters, you won't encounter one during your eleven-course meal. Service at Single Thread is based on the Japanese concept of hospitality known as omotenashi which at its core means anticipat- ing the needs of your guest. What followed were no less than seven concurrent discussion sessions, one of which was titled "Analyze" and led by Megan Mokri, CEO and founder of Byte, and Cathy Huyghe, co-founder of Enolytics and a widely-read colum- nist for Both companies rely on data to in- novate. Byte's smart vending machines enable companies to offer employees fresh foods in micro-locations, track real-time buying behavior and gather data that helps them manage inventory and communicate with diners. "The trickiest part of our business," said Mokri, "is predicting demand." Huyghe, whose deep interest in the business and politics of wine led to co-founding Enolytics, is running a start-up that addresses the gaps between data and the application of analysis for wine companies. "We're making data analysis available to mid- and small-sized companies that need insight in to their consumers and markets," she said. For Huyghe, innovation is finding new connections between things that already exist. "Having the ability to see those combinations is one of the things that drives innovation," she said. "Participating in Harvest Summit pushed me further along that path." Afternoon sessions covered topics that varied from fail- ing forward to holographic computing and the connection between good food and good health. Cristina Banks, who directs HealthyWorkplaces, an interdisciplinary center at U.C. Berkeley, and is focused on improving health and well-being for employees at work, found a connection with Mokri from Byte. "College campuses are an environment where Byte has the most natural play," she said. "Students need access to healthy food beyond normal service hours, and smart vending machines can improve nutrition." For Banks, attending the conference had a very positive outcome; she came away inspired and connected with a potential public/private business partnership. mit BRINGING PEOPLE TOGETHER IN WINE COUNTRY TO PULL IDEAS APART by Deborah Parker Wong PHOTO: PIXEL GROVE PRODUCTIONS PHOTO: PIXEL GROVE PRODUCTIONS During networking breaks between sessions and lunch, attendees sampled an array of local, artisanal food and beverage products. Al fresco sessions were popular with attendees who enjoyed the ambiance and beauty of the Kilcullen's pastoral Knight's Valley estate.

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