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Celebrate spring with bright, refreshing limonene terpenes, present in many sativas. Terpene Highlight: Limonene Many sativas share a dominant note of limonene. Lemony limonene (the aroma compound that gives fruits like oranges and limes their tart, sunny smell) is thought to lift mood and relieve stress, making citrusy sativas perfect for springtime renewal and refreshment. Limonene's antibacterial properties add an extra boost of cleansing power. All of my springtime sativa picks have the instantly familiar smell of zesty limonene, one of the most common terpenes found in cannabis. Jane's Springtime Sativa Picks Not all sativas are created equal, but these are a few that I return to time and time again: s p r i n g 2 0 1 7 | 8 9 Grow Your Own: Getting the Garden Ready Whether you're growing a cannabis plant or laying the groundwork for flowers and veggies in summer, now is the time to dig in and get started. Try enjoying a light sativa before you get outside to immerse yourself in the smells and sensations of the season. For readers in legal states, growing your own cannabis is a can't-miss experience that puts you in touch with the plant. I asked Master Growers what new growers need to know. • Choose the perfect spot for your plant. Your cannabis plant must receive at least five to six hours of direct sunlight a day. Make sure you consider the climate in the area where you live, and use a large container for planting if you will need to relocate your plant when extreme weather occurs. • If planting in a pot or container, choose your soil wisely. Silty soil is ideal; it retains moisture well and contains many nutrients. • Fertilize and water your plant. Cannabis plants require many nutrients. You can purchase cannabis-spe- cific fertilizer, or educate yourself about organic methods and create your own plant food. If planting in a container, remember that container plants dry out much more quickly than plants in the ground. • Protect your plant and watch it grow. Typically, outdoor cannabis plants are grown using feminized seeds, and there is no guarantee as to what strain you will end up with. The mystery is exciting, so take care of your plant and enjoy the growing process. Spring Cleaning, Naturally I make limonene part of my spring clean- ing routine with citrusy cleaners for body, mind and home. • Start your spring cleaning with a puff of one of my favorite sativas to bring an ele- ment of focused fun to the task at hand. • Mix limonene-rich Meyer lemon juice or oil with white vinegar and baking soda to make a cleaning solution that is all-natural and smells incredible. • Spring cleaning can mean a spa day, too. Cannabis-infused exfoliants like Cannabis Basics' Lemon Dream Body Scrub get you ready for warmer weather (and less lay- ers) by sloughing off winter skin. Super Lemon Haze: A sativa-dominant hybrid bursting with juicy-fresh citrus notes and a hint of sweetness. This cross between Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze is a particularly upbeat, energizing strain. Durban Poison: A true sativa with a sweet smell and energetic, uplifting effects. Durban Poison is high in THC-V and may also have appetite suppressing effects, making it an ideal complement for a healthy, active lifestyle. ■cr See more from Jane at Tangie: This remix of the classic Tangerine Dream has the tart sweetness of ripe citrus and relax- ing, euphoric effects.

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