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Clever Pantry by Jesse Hom-Dawson This issue we're going green—cannabis green, that is! From tasty in- fused desserts to healthy snacks, there's something here for all edible eaters. 9 6 | t h e c l e v e r r o o t Kiva Confections If marijuana chocolates were a kingdom, Kiva Confections would be king. Launched in 2010 by Scott Palmer and Kristi Knoblich, they pioneered the way for lab-tested, well- labelled infused goods made from high-quality products. Kiva chocolate bars come in eight flavors—my personal favorite is the blackberry dark chocolate—and dosages of 60 mg and 180 mg (120 mg for the CBD ginger) in California and 40 mg, 100 mg and 120 mg in Arizona, Nevada and Illinois. There are also CBD bars with a 1:1 ratio of CBD and THC. While it can be tough to keep up with a changing market and laws affecting cannabis currently, Kiva is ahead of the market yet again with their new Petra mints. As marijuana becomes legalized in more states, more consumers are trying it. While 60 or 180mg bars may be suitable for experienced imbibers, micro-dosing is a great option for people less experi- enced. The biggest complaint I've heard from friends and colleagues about orally ingesting cannabis is that it often leaves them "too stoned" and glued to their couch or overly paranoid. By taking measured, small doses of edibles, micro-dosing encourages an enjoyable, low-key high that offers an easy way to medicate throughout your day. Kiva's Petra Mints come in 2.5 mg doses, in Moroccan mint and eucalyptus flavors. Although it's a new product, it's something I've already been recommending to people who are wary of trying edibles. It's a great alternative to high-dosage edibles, and an excellent example of why sometimes less is more. n t t Garden Society Speaking of clever packaging, Garden Society's packaging is what first caught my eye. Sleek black boxes with well-designed sleeves hold colorful printed milk chocolate or sugar-covered gelées from Owner Erin Gore with the help of Chef Kolin Vazzoler. Both are low dosage, with the chocolates coming in at 10 mg each of an Indica hybrid strain high in CBD and the gelées at 5 mg of a Sativa hybrid strain high in THCA, both biodynamically-grown strains from Shine On Farms (read more about Shine On Farms on page 78). I enjoy the low dosages, as it allows me to mix and match to find my per- fect dosage (one chocolate and one gelée for a total of 15mg, thank you very much). Noting what strains are used and their cannabinoid profiles will appeal to edible consumers as they become more conscious of what they're putting in their bodies. Giggle Therapeutics Sugar and Shwa are the creators of Giggle Thera- peutics as well as cannabis activists. Their Northern California company is known for delicious goodies like Gorilla Goddess, a peanut butter brownie with a banana caramel center, or Pink Lady Bug, a white chocolate strawberry bite with a cherry caramel center. All the products are gluten-free and organic, and did I mention they're delicious? Giggle Therapeu- tics' products run the gamut in terms of dosage, with their Giggle Butter weighing in at about 15mg per ½ teaspoon, while their dessert bites are heavy hitters at 50mg each.

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