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…EVERYTHING TO RETHINK… We Need Six powerful forces that are reshaping business will also transform business education. And we're not ready. "O BY DAVID BACH h, and one more thing," intoned Apple CEO Tim Cook, using the line Steve Jobs had uttered so often to make a surprise product announcement at the end of a presentation to the Apple faithful. "We've decided to launch an MBA program. We call it the iMBA, and it's going to be insanely great. Through an app on your iPad or Mac, you can join a global learning community from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day. Your professors will be the best in the world, handpicked from the top universities. You can assemble your own playlist of courses and only pay for the lectures you watch. It's just like iTunes: Why pay for the whole album if all you want is one great song? "Obviously, we will share some of the revenue with the universi- ties, just as we do with record companies, movie studios, and book publishers. Everything you need is in the app—video lectures, inter- active exercises, and live chats with your classmates. And if you need extra help, just come to the Genius Bar in your local Apple Store and get free personal tutoring—if you've signed up for the optional tutoring plan, of course." 18 September/October 2012 BizEd MIKE KEMP/GLOW IMAGES, JOHN SMITH/CORBIS/GLOW IMAGES, CLARISSA LEAHY/GLOW IMAGES, JON FEINGERSH/GLOW IMAGES, TIMOTHY NUGENT/GLOW IMAGES

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