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Q&A // BY MATT JOHNSON FEATURING: DAVE GENZ & PAT SMITH CADENCE MASTERS FROM THE Ca·dence (keyd-ns) n. The beat or measure of something such as a dance or a march that follows a set rhythm. November, hoping for J Or better yet, are we referring to the ice anglers who sing to the fish, keeping a rhythmic beat on their leg while they burst out awful shrieks, almost cracking the ice underneath them? To some, this might be the "cadence" within ice fishing, but when we sat down with two of the masters, we found out that cadence is much-more than just a fancy term used in high school music class. Let's play out the scene, since it's just one of those situations where the enjoyment of living vicariously through someone else is taken to a new level. Here I am, sitting in the upstairs of Thorne Brothers in Blaine, Minn. (a renowned ice fishing tackle shop), and I'm staring at two gentle- men, each of whom hold the epitome status of someone who has "been there, done that," by the names of Dave Genz and Pat Smith. It's thrill- ing enough just to be sitting next to this amount of knowledge, but then they had to say, "Let's share our most intimate secret for ice fishing success." Ok… I can now assume I have your attention, much like they had mine. "Cadence in ice fishing," says Dave Genz, Mr. Ice Fishing himself. Thus ust how does cadence find a place in ice fishing? Are we referring to anglers who do the "cold weather dance" in early ice? starts one of the most valuable con- versations I've ever witnessed, Pat Smith: Back when we wrote "Get Your Dabble Down" in 2002 we knew how important rhythm was, but we lived it, so it never occurred to us that others were not using it to their advantage as well. Cadence-to-the-dabble — they are both essentially the same concept. The over-laying theme with this concept is to understand that you need to change various parts of the "equation" in order to get the desired outcome. If you want a certain action then you need to change a cer- tain piece of the puzzle. You need to remember to be different and not get stuck in a rut. It's a game of details, really, and you need to some- times change what you're doing based on fish behavior and your surroundings. Dave Genz: I guess some secrets find their way outside of your inner- circle. This is one that will help all ice anglers and it really builds on your article [Pat] from 2002. Smith: I couldn't agree more. Lake Okoboji — down in Iowa 16 ICE TEAM.COM >> THE ICE ANNUAL — changed the way we fished. We deployed the "Okoboji swim" tech- nique, which allowed us to naturally swim the jig in a rhythmic manner to really hone in on the fish's mood. If you weren't swimming the jig right, then you didn't get bit, it was as simple as that. The fish knew what they wanted, and it wasn't until DAVE GENZ

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