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PAT SMITH You need to find that balance between rod choice and presentation. — DAVE GENZ Johnson: It's obvious that the two of you believe strongly in this sys- tem and it has worked well for both of you. Give us one final thought on the concept of cadence and what everyone needs to know for it to work for them. Smith: For me it's having the will- ingness to try new things. Change up your approach if something isn't working. Do something dif- ferent to get the desired action/ rhythm. My main variables are depth, speed, flavor and color. Change the depth at which you're fishing. Change the speed at which you're fishing. Change the flavor of your presentation (fresh plastic or bait, different scent/taste). And last, play with the color of your presentation, but for me color is more of a confidence thing than a deciding factor in success. Be will- ing to change and adapt and you'll catch fish!! Genz: I would have to say make sure you're fishing a spot where there are fish. This sounds obvious but a lot of ice anglers sit over dead water for too long. There has to be fish below you in order for you to catch them. And not always just fish; you need those fish to be bit- ers too. I always ask the question, "do you want to fish for sniffers or biters?" Sometimes you just need to move and find the biters. There are times when those fish on your Vexilar flasher just won't bite, so it's time to move to find those biting fish. Outside of that, you need to have more than one cadence like Pat mentioned. Be willing to adapt to find what is working. It's ok to stray away from your plan to find something that works better. Stay mobile and continue to make sim- ple changes until you find what the fish want. Once you do that then it will turn into a game of catching!! Manager. Contact info: (763)231- 4126 or *Matt Johnson is the Ice Team Thorne Brothers Custom Rod and Tackle in Blaine, MN and has been leading the ice fishing revolution with Dave Genz since the birth of Ice Team. Contact info: **Pat Smith is the lead sales Pro at THE ICE ANNUAL << ICE TEAM.COM 19

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