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NORTHERN PIKE HAWG BELLY PIKE THE HUNT FOR northern pike. Big pike, for many anglers, has gone from a childhood trophy to a secondary fish in many waters, but we at Leisure Outdoor Adventures see big pike has an opportunity to catch a fish of a life- time or more affectionately what we call a Hawg Belly. These freshwater sharks lurk beneath the surface of a O // BY JASON FREED, AND THE LEISURE OUTDOOR ADVENTURES TEAM, FEATURING JEFF ANDERSEN most northern shield ne of the most excit- ing fish to catch in Minnesota and the prov- inces of Canada is big frozen lake stalking their prey along well-defined weedlines and mid-lake structures with reckless abandon- ment. Furthermore, when other fish shut down during the fickle winter weather, the pike seem to always be on the prowl. Avid anglers relish the chance to do hand-to-hand combat with these ferocious fish, and the sight of a blaze orange tip-up flag tripped by a Hawg Belly is a wel- comed sight for all. Northern pike are abundant in 24 ICE TEAM.COM >> THE ICE ANNUAL doesn't take much to get in on the action for pike in winter. Pike fish- ing for many years has been cen- tered around the use of tip ups, and it is hard to find a better tip up than a Beaver Dam Tip Up. These tip ups are made in Beaver Dam, Wisc. and the folks there are leaders in the industry. Their wood base combined with a solid brass spinner trigger and spool, steel tube, and windproof cra- dle have made it a time-tested tip up lakes, so it

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