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MORE ICE TEAM ACCESS SOCIAL JEFF ANDERSEN Professional fishing guide and promoter. Owner of Leisure Outdoors and "In-fisherman" contributor. that can hold up to any big fish. When pairing our tip ups with a live bait rig we prefer to use two different quick strike rigs such as "The Natural Rig" or the new "Fluoro HD Rig" by Big Tooth Tackle. These two live bait rigs are finely made with blood red trebles and Colorado spinner blades. You can get the rigs in a variety of colors, with chartreuse, orange, bright red or ham- mered gold being some favorites; they are well built and have caught multiple 40-inch-plus pike each year. Big Tooth Tackle quick strike rigs have proven to be a useful tool for landing monster distinct migration patterns. As the winter rolls along they will relate to different pieces of structure and will be chasing different kinds of baitfish. Early in the season, be sure to focus in on shallow water bays that still have solid amounts of green cabbage in them. These weedlines attract other fish such as perch and other small panfish, all of which pike will gorge on when the opportunity is there. When focusing on these shallow bays, use your GPS or map to identify weed edges, points and bars. Remember, lake weed edges and their depths will vary depending on the water clarity in that lake. A favorite combination we like to look for is a weedline that has a nice inside turn. These turns are a great ambush spot for pike. Pay close attention to the depth. If you are in shallow water, you will want to put your bait roughly two-thirds to half way down. Northern, like walleye will feed up at times due to the placement of their eyes on top of their head. As the win- ter moves into January and February, the larger pike will utilize the deeper basin structure: midlake rock reefs, long expansive points and out over open water. This time of year we approach each of these locations with a series of tip ups still focusing their feeding on perch, but we also start chasing some larger bait fish such as tulibees and ciscoes. We make sure to cover all aspects of the different pieces of structure with a series of tip ups set at various depths. Every hump or bar is different, but pay attention on your catch and release. For catch and release of pike there is quite simply nothing better on the market that will lessen impact on the fish and provide them with a great oppor- tunity to grow even bigger. Attach these quick-strike rigs to 25- to 40- pound test nylon line on tip ups to increase success. These three components combined are a deadly piece of arsenal on large pike. Pike, like pike, especially if you're fishing all other fish, have MEDIA Follow the Ice Team Ice Team members will be able to navigate through everything produced by the Ice Team pros: • Fishing articles and tips • Fishing videos • Internet TV • E-chat with the Ice Team pros • Ice Team calendar of events • Everything relating to Ice Team Facebook Promotion of contests, deals, magazine events, etc. YouTube Ice Team's YouTube page will also be a resource full of exciting videos produced by Ice Team and our pros. Twitter Promotion of contests, deals, events, appearances, etc. THE ICE ANNUAL << ICE TEAM.COM 25

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