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CRAPPIES SHALLOW OR DEEP? A SIMPLE APPROACH FOR BIG CRAPPIES // BY JASON DURHAM, CLAM PRO STAFF AND ICE TEAM PRO STAFF C the fish can be brought upon the ice. Once the monstrous slab reaches the hole, grab it, scoop it — a wet arm after it's finally landed. It culminates with celebrations and high-fives. That's a good ending to the scenario, but how do anglers begin the search for crappies? Are they shallow, mid-range or deep, and when do you 28 ICE TEAM.COM >> THE ICE ANNUAL rappies, crappies, crappies. As ice anglers, we love 'em. A solid slab on the end of the line is a lot of fun: the bend of the rod, the stretch of the drag, the anticipation of whether or not look toward those areas? Additionally, what should you use to catch them? Simplistically, the answers are easy: search shallow in the early part of the ice season, go deeper during the cold- est part of the year, then return to the shallow water near ice out. Big baits for aggressive fish, tiny presentations for lethargic attitudes. That formula is basic and pertains to many bodies of water. However, every lake is different. Each lake has its own unique diversity. This could be said for the numerous bodies of water along the Ice Belt. Essentially there's no guarantee; you have to explore shal- low and deep water if you don't have insider information on where to go.

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