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PRO'S CHOICE SHELTERS HUDSON JIM and hard packed snow puts most portable ice shelters into their graves. But, the X2 is not in the category of most – it is built Xtreme for Xtreme conditions. From the sled base to the pole construction to the shelter fabric, it is all built to withstand the hardest abuse and toughest conditions any ice angler can throw at it. But what makes this shelter the best on the market is that innovation and comfort work hand in hand with its rug- gedness. A sled interior that is painted a light color so there is not more fumbling around to find things in the dark? A rapid pole system that is large enough to use with gloves on, making it easier and more comfortable to take down your shelter on those coldest of cold days? Seats that are infinitely adjustable from front to back and side to side that have great padding, allowing for all day fishing comfort? A fully insulated shelter to keep out the wind and hold in the heat? Yup, all of the above is why the X2 is my go-to ice shelter! Fish Trap X2 Thermal Rugged. It is the word that describes the ice conditions here amongst the pristine Apostle Islands of Lake Superior. Miles of jagged wind-blown pack ice, pressure cracks HAMILTON JASON number-one choice. It's lightweight and extremely quick and easy to set up and takedown. This facilitates frequent moves to follow walleye roving around Lake Winnipeg. Having this ease of setup/takedown makes it easier to move and provides motivation to actively fish when the weather is poor. Speaking of weather the thermal fabric does an excellent job of block the wind and holding in heat, even down to -50C. Again, this lets me fish effectively in all conditions. Clam Bigfoot 4000T It's difficult to choose just one, as each style of fishing dictates the need for another type of shelter. However for most of my fishing the Clam Bigfoot 4000T is my Fish Trap Voyager The Clam Voyager is my hut of BERNIE KEEFE will fish two people comfortably and pulls behind my snowmobile very well. The dark blue material soaks up the heat of the sun so we rarely need a heater. I am a big believer in mobility and durability, plus the Clam shelters are built to withstand Colorado's 30 mph winds while still being easy to set up and take down. 30 ICE TEAM.COM >> THE ICE ANNUAL choice. I like the room it provides, and the 6-foot ceiling is high enough to set the hook with a 36-inch medium heavy rod. The shelter DAVE GENZ my ice fishing trip. The Scout TC gives me instant set- up, without having to worry about extending any poles, so moving from spot to spot is fast and efficient. I've also incorporated specific modifications to my snow- mobile, allowing me to lift the Scout TC off the snow/ ice and onto the back of my machine, which makes for easier transportation. The weight of the Scout TC is also an important factor when I have to lift the shelter on and off the snowmobile, so knowing that my shel- ter is easy to handle is very important. Other than the Scout TC, the only step-up in mobility when it comes to "shelters" is my Ice Armor suit—which is the most mobile fish house an angler can invest in. I let my Ice Armor suit serve as my "portable fish house" most days, so by combining the Scout TC with my Ice Armor blue suit I have the perfect one-two punch! Fish Trap Pro TC MATT BREUER enough to be mobile. I've even added a Clam cooler chair next to my seat in the Pro TC on nice days when my son comes along for an outing. I can load the shelter into my truck or onto my sled rack solo, and have zero issues with space in my truck or garage. The thermal cap is noticeably warmer and holds my body heat on days when I don't feel like cranking up the heater. While I also like to tote around a nice two-man and relax and stretch out in something like a Fish Trap Yukon TC, I never leave home without the Pro TC. Trap Pro TC in tow 99% of the time. The Pro TC is the perfect size shelter for me and my gear — wide enough to feel roomy, yet compact When I'm on the ice I have a Fish MITCHELL JASON Mitchell usually fishes out of one of the shelters that he designed but also spends a lot of time fishing outside in his Ice Armor suit, which he considers an essential piece of equipment. The Jason Mitchell Thermal X is a great option for keeping clients and friends warm. It's also packed full of excellent features to make the ice angler's job a lot easier and the day more efficient! Jason Mitchell Thermal X Mitchell designed the popular one- man and two-man Jason Mitchell Elite Series shelters that feature the hard to find combination of superior warmth, durability and mobility. Fish Trap Scout TC Being a mobile ice angler is very important, and you're only as mobile as the gear you use. That is why I prefer the Scout TC when looking to put mobility as the focal point of

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