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May 2017

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MAY 2017 RETAILOBSERVER.COM 13 Into the New Millennium— Large and small companies alike continued to bring new product categories to CES. 3D printing and self-driving cars presented unexplored new frontiers in the world of tech. Throughout the 2010s, Old Became New Again— The pop-culture landscape saw a flood of film reboots and sequels, the resurgence of analog music mediums, and the return of retro gaming systems. The Xbox allowed users to play popular games, watch DVDs and listen to tracks from CDs. CES is no longer home to only consumer electronics. Exhibitors from nearly every industry converge at CES as technology becomes integral to all business, from automobile manufacturers and healthcare companies to software and hardware producers, and more. 2000-09 2010 - today CES celebrated its 50th anniversary before, during, and after CES 2017 by: • Sharing flashback photos and news from the past 50 years. • Providing attendees badge ribbons to denote the number of CES shows attended (in five-year increments.) • Providing exhibitors and attendees with 40+ years at the show with 50th anniversary lapel pins. • Selling 50th anniversary commemorative t-shirts available in the CTA Center. • Holding special ceremonies on opening day. • Providing signage illustrating the timeline of Innovation Award products (in the Innovation Showcase). • Giving a special tribute to CES Founder Jack Wayman. • Featuring a digital timeline on detailing the history of CES. • Buzzing social channels with celebration and commemoration. The celebration will continue with a retrospective documentary of CES which is scheduled to be released in June 2017. Please visit for more information on CES 2018. RO

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