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ticals, LLC has launched mometa- sone furoate, its first pharmaceutical product in spray form. Available in 5 0 m c g / s p r a y c o n c e n t r a t i o n , mometasone furoate is an AB-rated therapeutic equivalent to Nasonex ® (mometasone furoate monohydrate) from Merck. The launch is a mile- stone for Amneal, marking its first foray into complex dosage forms. The company also has metered dose inhalers in its pipeline. Founded in 2002, Amneal now has more than 4,000 employees in North Amer- ica, Asia, Australia and Europe. According to December 2016 IMS market data, annual US sales of both brand and generic Nasonex were $653 million. SUPPLIER NEWS Meggle introduces first micronized lactose for inhalation WASSERBURG, GERMANY— Meggle has announced the introduc- tion of its first micronized lactose, InhaLac ® 500, which is specifically designed for use in dry powder inhalation applications. As the finest grade in the InhaLac product family, InhaLac 500 has a very small particle size distribution, with 90% of the particles smaller than 10 µm and is similar in size range to active phar- maceutical ingredients. The new micronized lactose, which has a one- year shelf life, has high cohesive prop- erties and can be used as micronized fines in ternary adhesive mixtures (5- 15 % weight) and as filler in soft spherical pellets. The addition of micronized fines can improve drug product performance due to several known effects, such as the buffer effect and saturation of high energy active sites. High cohesiveness of micronized material can also alter the fluidization behavior of powder blends and create agglomerates. H&T Presspart and Hovione Technology announce collaboration BLACKBURN, UK—H&T Press- part and Hovione Technology have announced a collaboration that combines Hovione's expertise in dry powder inhaler (DPI) invention, design and development and Press- part's experience in large-scale industrialization and global distrib- ution. Under the agreement, H&T Presspart has acquired the global rights to manufacture and commer- cialize a capsule-based dry powder inhaler developed by Hovione. The enhanced DPI, to be marketed as PowdAir Plus, is a new capsule- based DPI designed for increased simplicity, ease of use and affordabil- ity. Its all-plastic, four-component design minimizes manufacturing, a s s e m b l y a n d p r o d u c t i o n costs. Pharmaceutical companies that work with H&T Presspart on the device can also access Hovione's API formulation and manufactur- ing services along with H&T Press- part's manufacturing capabilities. 8 JUNE2017 Inhalation s mers s, ices nge o of . y eathe eas br our custom en v e serv inhalation an wide r a ith W com m. eciphar r visit , w o h l o o elopment. dev product T e ensure formulations nasal dedicated team for inhalat ecipharm, t R A . industry the earned us a solid reputatio e mark pharmaceuticals to bringin ears, 20 y er v or o F y learn e v effectiv tion an our m, in on et has ng d

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