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28 July 2017 Tablets & Capsules Lactose InhaLac 500 lactose for dry powder inhala- tion formulations is micronized so that 90 percent of particles are smaller than 10 microns. Micronized particles are suitable for use as fines in ternary formulations (5 to 15 percent by weight) to improve fine par- ticle fraction or as fillers in spherical pellets. Because of its high cohesive properties, APIs easily adhere to excipient surface to form agglomerates, which detach more readily from carrier surface than API monolayers to improve dispersion. Meggle, Pawling, NY. Tel. 845 289 0264 Inorganic mineral salts High-purity inorganic mineral salts include citrates, fumarates, gluconates, lactates, carbonates, nitrates, phosphates, ascorbates, and sulfates. They are used in nutritional and clinical nutritional products, foods, and pharmaceuticals. Manufactured at com- pany's 310,000-square-foot, FDA-registered site, products meet USP, EP, FCC, ACS, and requirements of multiple compendia. Other benefits include lot-to-lot consistency; extremely low levels of lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, and aluminum; kosher and halal certification; and in-house testing for microbiological contaminants. Products are free of GMOs, allergens, and BSE/TSE. Packaging options including fiber drums, cartons, plastic pails, and bulk super sacks. Company manufactures more than 250 products. Jost Chemical, St. Louis, MO. Tel. 314 428 4300 Tricalcium phosphate-guar gum combination Nutra-Tab granulated tricalcium phosphate with guar gum improves compress- ibility of direct-to-press formulations, maintaining good flow and disintegration while boosting calcium and phosphorus content. Co-processed excipients' nat- ural guar gum coating provides pleasant mouth-feel to chewable tablets by mask- ing chalkiness and grittiness associated with calcium excipients. Company also supplies A-Tab, Di-Tab, and Tri-Tab di- and trical- cium phosphates. Innophos, Cranbury, NJ. Tel. 609 495 2495 Excipients Company's excipients include Microcel MCC, Solutab croscarmellose sodium, Explosol sodium starch glycolate, and Tabulose SC colloidal MCC. All four excip- ients are free of gluten, GMOs, and lactose. In-process monitoring and control ensure compliance with all compendia. Production facilities are GMP-certi- fied. Company also manu- factures and packages pharmaceuticals. Blanver, Boca Raton, FL. Tel. 561 416 5513

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