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yearlings and showing horses for clients and at the sales. She is an important part of the team and she can handle responsibility and I trust her to make decisions. We are setting up a business together now, a company that is going to be called Highvalley Bloodstock. Our private mares will go in to it, but we will buy and sell horses as well. I do this for her, so help her for the future, like my parents have done for me. Moa is 110% in to it and even though she currently is away at school in Sweden, she is involved in everything that goes on with the horses and she will spend the whole summer preparing her own yearlings that are going to the August sale. What do you do for fun? I spend a lot of time with my children when I don't work and we do fun things together, such DVKLNLQJRUVKRSSLQJsRUƬVKLQJLQWKHODNHVRQ WKHIDUP,ORYHƬVKLQJDQGVRGRWKH\HYHQLI they haven't got much of a choice! I even cook ƬVKZKDWZHKDYHFDXJKWRXUVHOYHVIRUFOLHQWV and visitors. How would you like people to remember you? I hope people remember me as very loving and hard-working person. The people whom I love, I love to the moon and back. And that I'm honest, although maybe a bit too much sometimes!

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