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October 2017

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RETAILOBSERVER.COM OCTOBER 2017 14 I nspiration is something that we all look for both in our work and home lives. Research has clearly linked it to the enhancement of well-being, and it is a powerful motivator. So where has ours gone? According to recent Gallup polls, 70% of us find it hard to stay inspired at work. Fifty-five percent of employees cite the ability to inspire as the single most important leadership attribute they want from their boss and yet only 11% say their current boss is inspiring. Find the Fire: Ignite Your Inspiration—and Make Work Exciting Again by Scott Mautz shows readers how they can change their outlook and offers them the tools they need to find their inspiration again. These forces—such as fear, boredom, and disconnectedness—hit all of us at some point in our work lives and if we are not careful, they can bog us down and drain our motivation. Written in an engaging style with many humorous asides, Mautz makes the journey back to inspiration fun and keeps the reader motivated throughout. When discussing how fear can sap our inspiration, Mautz talks about how the fear of failure discourages people from setting and achieving goals and how once this self-destructive pattern is set, the path to inspiration all but disappears. Then he shows how the fear of failure can be vanquished by embracing a larger context where failure can be viewed as a positive learning tool and by seeing that the only way to guarantee failure is to stop trying. This understanding sets the reader back on a path to learning and growing again. B O O K R E V I E W FIND THE FIRE: Ignite Your Inspiration—and Make Work Exciting Again Author: Scott Mautz is a former Procter and Gamble executive. He was named a 'CEO Thought-leader' by the CEO Executive Guild and a 'Top 50 Leadership Innovator' by Inc. Magazine, where he writes a weekly column on topics such as meaning and inspiration at work. His articles regularly land on their Top 5 or Top 10 most read lists. Publisher: AMACOM Books RO

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