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5HPRYLQJRXUGLYHJHDUIRUWKHƬQDOWLPHZHZHUHWUX- ly sad to leave behind OceanQuest and the amazing un- derwater world we had discovered there. To book a trip, contact Joel at; he is an American living LQ$XVWUDOLDZKRZDVH[WUHPHO\KHOSIXOLQƬQGLQJXVMXVW the right trip to suit our experience level, timeline and budget. And don't delay; it is well documented that the *UHDW%DUULHU5HHIKDVEHHQDƪHFWHGE\FRUDOEOHDFKLQJ a result of climate change and increased water temperatures. It is estimated that bleaching NLOOHGDTXDUWHURIWKHUHHIoVFRU- al in 2016 alone and while the ability of the reefs to rebound is not as yet known, it is expected WKDWSHULRGVRIEOHDFKLQJZLOOEHFRPHPRUHIUHTXHQWLQ the coming years. While it is a somber fact that one of the most beautiful places on earth is in danger, there is UHVHDUFKEHLQJGRQHLQDQHƪRUWWRFRXQWHUDFWWKHGDP- age, and there is still time to see the world's most famous diving destination.

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