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16 | SignatureMT Text by Holly Matkin • Photography by John Mack Urban Affairs WORKING LIFE MT S Office in the Clouds Be on the lookout for Dave Marmon on your next Delta flight. Approximately twelve days each month, Great Falls resident Dave Marmon begins his workday commute. It's a bit of a jaunt – roughly 450 miles one-way – but it's also a perk of his position as a commercial pilot for Delta Air Lines. "As long as you get there for your trip," he explains, "you can live wherever you want." Within two hours, he'll arrive in Salt Lake City, hop into an Airbus cockpit and transport 150 passengers to Toronto. Dave began flying in college while earning a degree in Aeronautical Science. He subsequently served in the Montana Air National Guard, participating in such missions as counter- narcotics operations and enforcement of the Iraqi No Fly Zone. "I consider my time working with the National Guard to be the greatest honor of my career," he says without pause. "Montana truly has a stand-out unit." Dave encourages anyone who may be interested in flying to seek out a hands-on experience. "Coming out of college, there are a great number of jobs once you have enough hours of flight time," he says. "It's a great time to get involved."

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