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66 | SignatureMT e whispering grows to chaer as guests embark on the dinner where I feast on the most tender chicken breast I've ever eaten. It's stuffed with Brie and a cranberry & Port Wine Reduction. My husband tries the quinoa while my kids drool over huckleberry-filled cupcakes. As the bride and groom weave among tables, I am driven to find out the name of the establishment catering this colossal event: TASTE Inc. "You've got to go there," the groom says, "It's the perfect spot for a date night!" So, yes, they do cater. Yes, they are a restaurant. And, yes, it is a great spot for a date night. Hailing from the east coast, where owner and mastermind Chef Jeremy Mather prepared plates and customers ordered just by passing by vs. choosing off a menu, here in Helena, he's fused fine dining with Montana's hankering for a relaxed atmosphere. TASTE has undergone its share of transitions. Started in 2011 as TASTE OF THE CITY, it quickly outgrew the Carriage House's location. An East Helena spot enabled growth in the catering business and now they reside in the north valley. Mather says, "We moved to the north valley in 2016. It's growing fast out here and we saw the potential. Plus, we started a food truck and the outdoor space was perfect." Catering now makes up 65% of the business. e restaurant, which seats 55, has a casual atmosphere where you feel welcomed whether you've just goen off the slopes or if you're dressed for a charity ball.

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