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January 2018

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RETAILOBSERVER.COM JANUARY 2018 14 C ontrary to all myths and beliefs, I discovered that introverts make the best salespeople," says Matthew Pollard, an internationally sought out sales trainer and introvert. In The Introvert's Edge: How the Quiet and Shy Can Outsell Anyone, Pollard shares a proven and practical system to help natural introverts sell their unique business—with confidence, authenticity, and results. Extroverts' sales are driven by their personality and, as Pollard observes, their mood. Sociable and gabby salespeople can turn pushy and obnoxious when extroverts experience stress or negativity in their personal lives. Lacking the qualities of a natural born salesperson, introverts have to rely on a process. As Pollard knows from experience, an introverts' dependable sales process yields better sales outcomes than an extrovert's personality— especially when it taps into their natural strengths for listening and analysis. Filled with sales insights and advice from an introvert's perspective, plus inspiring stories of introverted entrepreneurs and business owners, The Introvert's Edge presents a seven-step framework that introverts can easily follow and adapt to achieve sales success, consistently. Along the way, introverts will learn how to: • Quickly establish rapport and credibility with prospects—with no hidden agenda • Listen to understand a customer's needs and get strangers to open up • Engage and shine at story-based selling • Sidestep objections and avoid arguing • Assume the sale and close the deal, without asking... and best of all, • Continually improve and genuinely enjoy selling B O O K R E V I E W THE INTROVERT'S EDGE: How the Quiet and Shy Can Outsell Anyone Author: Matthew Pollard, known as "The Rapid Growth Guy", works with businesses around the world, from startups to corporations such as Microsoft and Capitol One. A native of Australia, he now lives in Austin, Texas, and is the founder of Austin's Small Business Festival. As surveys show, more than one-half of Americans self-identify as introverts. Challenging stereotypes about salespeople, The Introvert's Edge is a welcome and reassuring guide for professional salespeople, as well as self-starting business owners. Publisher: AMACOM RO "

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