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RETAILOBSERVER.COM JANUARY 2018 18 AHAM RELEASES GUIDANCE ON SERVICING OF FLAMMABLE REFRIGERANTS AHAM has developed a guidance document to assist personnel who perform service and repair on appliances such as household refrigerators and freezers, ice makers, beverage coolers, room and portable air conditioners, and dehumidifiers) as the home appliance industry is beginning its transition to newer flammable refrigerants as part of its continuing effort to manufacture the most energy efficient, environmentally friendly products. The newer refrigerants have been adopted, at least in part, due to regulatory changes that will phase-out HFC refrigerants. The new alternatives include A3 refrigerants, such as R-600a and R-290, and A2L refrigerants, such as R-32 and R-452B, which have been safely and widely used for many years in home appliances sold in Europe and Asia. These substances include isobutane, which is used as a propellant in some cosmetics and personal care products. Of the 100 million household refrigerators and freezers manufactured globally every year, roughly one-third or more use isobutane (R-600a) or a similar refrigerant. This is also true of a growing number of air conditioning products that are using particularly A2L and A3 refrigerants. The newer refrigerants have a lower global warming potential (GWP). However, they are flammable, which means personnel who perform service and maintenance on the appliances will have to take certain safety precautions. AHAM's Safe Servicing of Household Appliances with Flammable Refrigerants guide includes safety precautions for maintenance and to mitigate the associated fire and explosion hazards related to the higher flammability of these new refrigerants, which generally do not contain a special odorant as would be found with heating or cooking propane or natural gas. The guidance covers these areas: • Pre-service safety • Leak detection and coolant-line repair • Recharging or replacing refrigerant • Refrigerant removal • Disposal of appliances containing flammable refrigerants • Storage of flammable refrigerant cylinders • Transport of flammable refrigerant cylinders The guidance should be used in addition to manufacturer-specific instructions, applicable safety standards, and federal, state and local regulations. Service providers should follow all recommended safety procedures when working with or around appliances that use flammable refrigerants to reduce the risk of fire and explosion. Please visit for a complete download. ILVE INTRODUCES ALL-NEW PRO SERIES TO THEIR LINE OF FREE-STANDING RANGES MODERN ITALIAN DESIGN FOR THE MASSES ILVE, known for its handcrafted Italian appliances, introduces the ILVE Pro Series to their line of free-standing dual fuel ranges. A sleek, modern design and a sharp price point matched with ILVE's superior quality ensure that this is no ordinary kitchen appliance. The new line flaunts chef quality features including a removable griddle, high BTU brass burners and a built-in warm drawer to keep cooked food at an ideal temperature for serving. The ILVE Pro series is available in a 36" single or unique double oven configuration as well as an exclusive 40" & 48" size with double ovens. The electric ovens feature multi-function cooking options and built-in rotisserie accessories for a truly professional-style cooking experience. The triple-pane glass doors ensure the outside of the oven doors maintain a safer-to-touch temperature while effectively trapping heat to conserve more energy. "Expanding ILVE's line of free-standing ranges gives consumers even more ability to find an appliance to best suit their cooking, design, and budget needs," says Melissa Haber, vice president for EuroChef USA. "The ILVE Pro Series flaunts a modern style while encompassing all of the most desirable cooking features for the home chef at a sharp price point." I N D U S T R Y [ N E W S ]

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