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January 2018

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RETAILOBSERVER.COM JANUARY 2018 28 W hen Jim Bakke, the president and CEO of the leading luxury appliance manufacturer, Sub-Zero and Wolf, decided he wanted to start manufacturing a dish- washer, there was one imperative. It had to live up to the standard that his grandfather established more than 70 years ago. It had to be the highest-quality product, no exceptions. It is with that commitment to quality, innovation, and design flexibility that the company now introduces Cove. Cove sets a new standard in luxury dishwashing. Cove's kitchen counterparts, Sub-Zero and Wolf, are special- ists in both refrigeration and cooking, respectively. Adding a cleaning product required a new set of skills and specialization, and a lot of research into the types of features and uses that Sub-Zero and Wolf owners want and need in a dishwasher. The least-researched appliance by consumers, it gets arguably the most use in the kitchen, and therefore needs to be extremely hardworking and equally as well-engineered. To ensure these standards were met, the company did multiple rounds of field tests, and spoke with their consumers to understand how they use their dishwashers, what the main grievances are, and what the ultimate dishwashing experience includes. They uncovered four main issues homeowners have with their dishwashers: cleanliness, noise, drying fully, and loading flexibility, or how to fit everything. As a testament to its commitment to quality, the Cove dishwasher comes with an industry-best full five-year warranty on all parts and service – and unrivaled 24/7 customer assistance for the life of the product. Cove dishwashers clean to a higher standard with thoughtful features that meet the real needs of its owners. The combination of 42 jets, three spray arms, a four-stage water filtration system, and available cycles together ensure clean water reaches even the dirtiest dishes and cleans them the first time, every time. Loading the dishwasher was another source of frustration for homeowners, as there is no right way and it varies from person to person. Because there are infinite possibilities when it comes to loading a dishwasher, Cove's adjustable racks and tines can accommodate even the most oddly shaped dishes and dishware configurations. Cove dishwashers have fan-assisted drying, a hotter final rinse, rinse aid, and specially angled tines to prevent pooling and remove moisture from all dishes and utensils, with no need to towel dry after the cycle is complete. With an array of custom options, including a special cycle just for plastics, Cove will get your dishes spotlessly clean and dry. The final feature users want from their dishwasher is silence. Cove is so quiet, you won't know it's on; the units even have an Extra Quiet cleaning mode, ensuring it will never interrupt a conversation. And while the average dishwasher lasts about 10 years, Cove is built to last decades. Like its Sub-Zero and Wolf counterparts, Cove is made in USA facilities and put through a rigorous testing process. Key components are tested individually, then assembled and put through additional functional testing that is far more punishing than anything the average consumer will ever subject a dishwasher to. Designers will easily adapt to the design flexibility and streamlined style of Cove, which is available in panel-ready 60cm models, to blend seamlessly into any kitchen design, coordinating perfectly with its Sub-Zero and Wolf kitchen companions. Cove now allows owners to complete their kitchens with one family of kitchen specialists. Please visit for more information. M A N U F A C T U R E R [ N O T E S ] COMPLETING THE KITCHEN The makers of Sub-Zero and Wolf introduce new dishwasher, Cove RO

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