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get into racing, join a partnership and learn from them," Weber said. "It's hard to go it alone right now. The price for a horse is way more than what it cost to race a horse and you have to keep your finger on the pulse and know that there are people along the way who try to take advantage. They'll do it in the sales ring and other places, so be aware. I don't want to say the integrity was better years ago, as perhaps the deceitful ones were just more tactful then, but it's complicated with lots of facets and, like I said, can be a moving target." Accepting that times have changed in the same breath, she is enlivened by new en- thusiasm in a game that has brought her so much joy over the decades. Much like the images of Buddha that are often the focal point of the millions of dollars worth of ancient Chinese art that she collects and has on display at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art, Weber has a discernible balance and composure in her discourse. Perhaps this is why she is such a nonpareil protagonist; one who does not fit racing's measured mold, but whose sheer potency of probity has sculpted its own place in the prose. "It's a nice life," Weber concluded. "It has its highs and its lows, but they have been worth it. If there's one thing that someone needs to know, no matter where you're coming from, it is that you have to have pa- tience."

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