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By JOCELYN TARGETT To be allowed to read this article, you'll have to follow my instructions to the letter. Sorry, but this won't work if you browse the photos and the picture captions in the normal way, read the pull-quotes, and generally enjoy yourself flicking and dipping as you might usually do. No, you have to suspend disbe- lief. Clear your mind. Imagine – horseracing insider though you are – that you know absolutely nothing about the 2017 running of the Melbourne Cup. Make yourself comfortable, as if in the deep plush seats of your favorite cinema. Close your eyes and take as long a breath as you can… the credits are rolling, orchestral chords soaring… the feature is about to begin: it's Seabiscuit multiplied by National Velvet, a heart-quickening fairy tale about a dark, prancing stallion, with wickedly handsome heroes and glam- orous, statuesque beauties, all played by your pre- ferred Hollywood stars. That, at least, is how it ap- pears to me. But then, dear reader, I'm in it…

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