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FD: I miss the weather a lot. We get four real seasons. Here we get nothing really, a couple of months of summer but it gets cold again so quick. But I like the quickness of the English lifestyle. In Italy everything is a lot slower, everything revolves around eating. In fairness, that's all great - but my mind is set a differ- ent way now. Here it's nine-to-five, flat out. When I go to Italy now, I get bored after a week or so. I miss theā€¦ [snaps fingers]. I'm that kind of per- son, I can't sit still. I need something to entertain my mind. I guess my life has been 300 mph from day one, and I've got used to that rhythm. So after a week in Italy I start climbing the walls! That's what I enjoy about England: the pace, the excitement, the buzz. TDN: So what are the things you miss most about Italian life, and what do you think is better in England?

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