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FD: Where my parents come from, in the south of Sardinia. It's like chalk and cheese, compared to the north of the island. Obviously if you want to see the footballers and the big yachts you go to the Costa Smerel- da. But the south is a quarter of the price, you might not get the same kind of hotels but the sea is much better and the whole area is beauti- ful, fantastic. FD: I go to Cervinia, that's another place you should go. It's guaranteed snow, you can ski in July if you want; and you can ski to Zermatt. It's just two hours from Milan, so I get to see my mum who's just north of there, in Varese; my kids can practise their Italian; the food is second-to-none; and it's much cheaper than Zermatt. So it's five birds with one stone. I've skied since I was a kid, I can get from A to B no problem, but I don't take any silly risks. I ski from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., then stop for a big bowl of pasta, a couple of glasses of wine, TDN: Tell us one place off the beaten track in your homeland that deserves a holiday. TDN: You love skiing too, don't you? Do you have to rein yourself in, with the risk of getting injured in mind?

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