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Global Citizenship and 21st Century Learning There are certain key themes that have emerged in the ELT industry over the past years: the advance of digital in our classrooms and in our teaching, and the pressing need to develop the whole learner. What does this mean exactly? It means helping students become curious, rounded, well-informed global citizens to allow them to work, live and enjoy the modern world. That is the world of the 21st century, and the skills that have emerged as being critical to success within that world need to be addressed across education. Our partnership with National Geographic Society puts us in the privileged position of being able to provide our students (and teachers) with truly global material that lends itself to developing those 21st century skills – such as critical thinking and digital and visual literacy. It also undoubtedly inspires learners to be more intellectually curious, culturally aware and responsible members of our global society. In addition, our recent and concurrent partnership with TED Talks progresses this mission further – giving our materials an aspirational and motivational edge that you won't find elsewhere. For English that truly develops skills for the 21st century you need to look no further than National Geographic Learning.

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