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From his experience, the best business time for a bar is the holidays. And, the Christmas Stroll is the busiest time of the year. "When the first chill hits, everybody stays home, then they come out again," he says. For Heishman, business is not so stressful now. He is proud to say that, Tara Fatz, his unofficial manager, has been with him 35 years. "I have a good group of people running my stuff. I'll just fade into the woodwork one of these days. I'll let the sons-in-law do the work and stretch their necks out now. I've worked all my life; worked hard for the times. My dad worked his fanny off and was very successful. I wanted him to be happy with me." His father was a business man and put the love of business in him; that's where he got it. Heishman has two daughters, both of whom played soball. He coached a lot of Lile League Girls soball when his girls played and took the teams to district, divisional, and regional tournaments (1993) in Tucson. He reflects, what a very proud moment that was. Aer two rounds they were the only team le with one California team. ough he still has his hand in business, Heishman is semi-retired now and has managers that overlook his businesses. "I'll be downtown for a long time," he says. I would like to sell. Nevertheless, I'll just fade into the woodwork one of these days." eishman was born in Washington, D.C., and lived there for fieen years before moving to Florida when in junior high school. Later, as a student at the University of Florida, he changed his major three times, ultimately graduating in industrial engineering. He also has an MBA from the University of Montana. Heishman came to Great Falls with the Air Force. He served as a missile launch engineer, and was in line to be career officer. His Air Force experience of five and a half years, 1965 - 1971, took him to Tripoli, Libya, where he worked also with the CIA. While in the Air Force, he learned to fly (pilot) and scuba dive. He has an instructor's and commercial pilot permit. He has traveled a lot: Malta, Greece, Germany, and ailand. His first tour of duty was in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Aer being stationed in Great Falls, he stayed and sold securities with Jim Geist. For Heishman, 1975 was a significant year: he got married, (wife, Gayle), bought the Lobby Bar, the first to have live Keno, and purchased an airplane which he has flown cross country. With Geist, he has developed the Sudden Valley area out of Cascade. He also bought property near Wolf Creek and developed Limestone Canyon. He has sold property near Raynesford, and owns a twenty-five unit apartment in Missoula. In 1992, he purchased American Mini Storages on the west side of Great Falls. Heishman continues to maintain an office downtown Great Falls, and is there Monday through Saturday. H ~Polly Kolstad lives in Great Falls and on a wheat ranch in Liberty County. She writes travel, fitness, and human interest stories when not cooking or tending to her field of Chinese lanterns. SignatureMT | 43 MT S

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