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Photo by Phil Procopio From the Editor HAYLEY LENINGTON-LERAY MT Signature 10 | SignatureMT SUBSCRIPTIONS If you are moving, renewing, have a question, or wish to have your name le off our mail advertisers' list, please enclose your name and mailing address with your correspondence for faster service. Please allow 8 weeks for a change of address. A new subscriber's first issue will be mailed within 8 weeks of order receipt. Our standard subscription rate is $35 per year. Address all correspondence pertaining to your subscription to: WINSTON PUBLISHING P.O. Box 1707, Great Falls, MT 59403, or call 406-452-1177 or email us at Visit our websites: EDITORIAL INFORMATION ose submiing manuscripts, photographs, artwork or other materials to SignatureMontana for consideration should not send originals unless specifically requested to do so by Winston Publishing in writing. Unsolicited manuscripts, photographs and other submied materials must be accompanied by a self-addressed overnight delivery return envelope, postage prepaid. However, Winston Publishing is not responsible for unsolicited submissions. Email: WINSTON PUBLISHING P.O. Box 1707, Great Falls, MT 59403 Any reproduction of all or part of Signature Montana without the express wrien permission of the publisher is prohibited. PRINTED IN THE USA All statements, including product claims, are those of the person or organization making the statement or claim. e publisher does not adopt any such statement or claims as its own and any such statement or claim does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the publisher. PUBLISHER David F. Leray EDITOR Hayley Lenington-Leray CREATIVE DIRECTOR Ted Stuff SALES/MARKETING Jack May, Jessica Riffel, Jamie Talia GRAPHIC DESIGNER Samantha Louthan COPY EDITOR Katherine Niemi CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Kay Bjork Heather Bode Mary Ellen Henderickson Shane Klippenes Polly Kolstad Holly Matkin Shannon Ruckman Suzanne Waring CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS John Mack Eric Visocan Jim Wells Steve Wolff Sara Young SIGNATURE MT STYLE CONSULTUNTS Terilee Ehnes • Palm Tree Amelia Flamand • Palm Tree Madeline Flamand • Palm Tree Olivia Flamand • Palm Tree Bridgette Kakalecik • Palm Tree Kirstin Kavulla MT S e new year brings a time of reflection, introspection, and resolution – of what we've accomplished, what our new goals will be and for what we are grateful for at Winston Publishing. I'm at the age where there is an equal amount of past to review as there is to look forward, only now I rely on gained wisdom as an accountable guide. As we reflect at Signature MT, there were so many valuable lessons learned in 2017... How to be humble in our success and how to stay grounded through our struggles. Each new year also sows new seeds of hope and opportunity, and 2018 is no exception. In fact, this year's journey carves a path of celebration as Signature MT prepares to celebrate a decade of success. It is hard to believe we started this magazine nine years and seven months ago. Boy, time flies when you're always on a deadline! ere have been a few subtle changes over the years but none as exciting as what's in store for Signature's 10th anniversary edition. We know that change always disrupts the apple cart but… What beer way to celebrate ten years of success than by modernizing and infusing fresh energy and passion into the pages of central Montana's most beloved publication. However, we give you our word that one thing will never change; our commitment to always accentuate the positive. While some might tag the old 1940's Bing Crosby song as corny, we, at Signature MT, will continue to embrace its message… "Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the positive, eliminate the negative, latch on to the affirmative (and not) mess with Mr. In-Between. In a world fueled by so much angst and anger, there is always room for a lile leavening. We are so giddy with excitement over our ten year milestone that we can't help but share a new department of Signature MT in advance. We pride ourselves on beautiful photography, so much so, that we are dedicating an entire section to things we unknowingly take for granted and rightly calling it "Surroundings". It seems as though the more we see the things around us, the more they become invisible. Professional photographer, Steve Wolff, is a true photographic crasman and storyteller. rough his lens, he captures the soul of central Montana and reminds us of the beauty that surrounds. Now that part of the cat is out of the bag, we invite you to enjoy this issue of Signature MT as you have come to know it over the years, but prepare to celebrate and experience an even deeper affection when we uncover a bigger, bolder and fresher next issue. Until then, may your 2018 be peaceful, bright and full of hope and possibilities. "To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did" Unknown

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