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in addition to savory options including lamb chops and moroccan lamb stew . While enjoying a delightful surf and turf (I liked the surf, I loved the turf), the highlight of this trip was the cock- tails, which included several fresh and tasty options, chief among them the Framboise Bourre, which looks and sounds like it should be overly sweet but, much to my satisfaction, it was not. As one might expect at a Mediter- ranean eatery, I found the menu to be vegetarian friendly and the service top notch. One side note: I made it a point to arrive early, no doubt to partake in Happy Hour (from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. dai- ly), however, it was quite busy by the time I left at about 7, so a reservation is definitely recommended. Overall, a good spot whether for a first date, having cocktails with friends, or just a nice dinner out. Having patronized many of the hot- test spots from Hollywood to South Beach over the years, I can honestly say I had been hankering for a change. The new locale not only gave me a new beat to experience and enjoy, but as an avid horse fan, it also introduced me to a variety of equine disciplines, all celebrating the beauty of our four- legged friends. And for those who also might be searching for a new twist on an old theme, Palm Beach just might be the answer for you too.

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