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Clever Pantry Agropošta Agropošta Agropošta Agropošta Agropošta Agropošta Agropošta Agropošta Agropošta Agropošta Agropošta Agropošta Agropošta Agropošta Agropošta Agropošta Agropošta Agropošta For those who like their beverages a little more adventurous than citrus-flavored sparkling water, Agropošta's non-alcoholic cordials are well worth exploring. Made from a traditional Croatian recipe, the line features flavors like sage, elderflower, and lavender that make a great addition to cocktails, especially ones made with a floral gin or sparkling wine. The cordials can also be used as ingredients in non-alcoholic "mocktails," which are popping up on menus at prestigious bars and restaurants like NoMad in Los Angeles or Quality Eats in New York City. Whether you're whipping up a boozy drink or a kid-friendly concoction, these cordials are a must-have for your bar cart. SteepFuze After a snowboarding accident left Devin Jamroz with several herniated discs, he turned to cannabidiol (CBD) tinctures during the long and painful recovery to end his prescribed pharmaceutical regimen. The drawback, however, was the rather unpleasant taste, prompt- ing him to choke down his medicine of choice and drown the flavor with his porch-roasted coffee during his morning ritual. He soon wondered if he could take both substances and find a way to combine them synergisti- cally. After an arduous journey through the world of organic coffee beans, hemp farms, and CBD extraction facilities, he and business partner Ben Glennon found the answer was an un- equivocal "yes," and SteepFuze coffee was born. The coffee brand is made from Ethiopian Arabica Yir- gacheffe beans which are roasted and then infused with a full-spectrum CBD oil. The combination brings out the best of both worlds, as drinkers enjoy the relaxing benefits of CBD without the fear of drowsiness: The oil-soluble caffeine absorbs into the CBD, which metabolizes in a delayed-release manner that helps moderate coffee jit- ters and the typical afternoon crash. In addition to its Original CBD coffee, SteepFuze now of- fers a decaf version as well as a line of teas. Halo Halo Halo Halo Halo Halo Halo del del del del del del del Santo Santo Santo Santo Santo Santo Santo Santo After brothers Scott and Matt Hackler were served cocktails with tart and spicy rims while visiting Mexico's Yucatán Penin- sula, the two Texans have been on a quest to improve rimming products stateside ever since. The Hacklers tested 19 itera- tions before hitting on their final combination of kosher salt, fiery chile, and tart citrus for their Halo del Santo ("Saint's Halo") brand, and unlike many salts found on backbars, the Halo rim is specifically designed for cocktails. With a balanced blend of salt, heat, and tang from ingredients ground specifically to avoid clumping, Halo del Santo adds a burst of flavor to any cocktail served with a traditional salt rim. Domaine Domaine Domaine Domaine Domaine Domaine Domaine Domaine Domaine Domaine Domaine Domaine Domaine Santé Santé Santé Santé Santé Santé Santé Santé Santé Sugar alternatives are very on- trend right now (Maple syrup! Agave syrup! Coconut sugar!), but Domaine Santé has created a new one that will appeal to both wine lovers and the sugar averse: wine grape nectar. Created by a certified sommelier, Domaine Santé features three flavors made from California wine grapes with tongue-in-cheek names: Bored-O Blanc, a white blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Sémillon; Al's Ass, a white blend of Gewürztraminer and Riesling; and Bored-O Rouge, a red blend of Cabernet Sauvi- gnon, Merlot, and Malbec grapes. The nectar can be used in place of sugar in a wide variety of food and beverage items, including coffee and tea, cheese plates, and baked goods. Big Heart Tea Co. Big Heart Tea Co. is a Midwest- based, woman-owned company offering boutique teas made with medicinal-grade botanicals. Its ingredients are expertly blended into flavors like Chai; Cup of Love, a sweet rose tea; Calm Yo' Tummy, a digestive blend made from or- ganic tulsi, lavender, fennel seed, and brahmi; and Fake Coffee, made from organic cacao, roasted chicory, dandelion root, and cin- namon for a coffee-like flavor and effect. But we really fell for the brand's signature Sunshine Dust, a peppery, spiced blend of organic ginger, turmeric, lemongrass, and peppercorn that's begging to be made into a hot or cold Golden Mylk latte. We love this brand's playful take on crafting curated tea blends and will be keeping an eye out for what these innovative ladies come up with next. ■cr by Jesse Hom-Dawson, Mara Marski, and Rachel Burkons 1 2 | t h e c l e v e r r o o t

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