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C A R M E L M A G A Z I N E • S U M M E R / F A L L 2 0 1 8 189 Socialite Baylor, who's friends with many local dogs, regularly walks the beach each morning. "He knows we have a routine," Pat says of Baylor's busy schedule that also includes Puppy Palooza group play at California Canine and din- ing about town at dog-friendly spots like Village Corner California Bistro, The Forge, and Jeffrey's Grill & Catering. "But the beach is his favorite outing by far," Pat says. "He loves visiting the other dogs. The minute we turn onto Scenic, he perks right up!" Sporting his summer haircut, golden chestnut Cavapoo Ollie, just shy of two years old, enjoys walking the full length of the beach from Santa Lucia Avenue to the north wall that borders Pebble Beach. Once there, he chases birds into the water and greets his many dog friends, including his steady girlfriend, Alana. Ollie's human Jill says that, thanks to Ollie's sparkling personality, "I've met so many people from near and far, and we've kept in touch and become friends." Ollie has even inspired two of Jill's local friends to adopt Cavapoos themselves. Less of a social butterfly, Uma is "more inter- ested in her ball than in others," says Bryn. "After an hour or so, I put the ball away and 'clock her out,' " he laughs. "Without a ball, she'll pay a bit more attention to other dogs, but she'd still rather find a stick or a large chunk of bullwhip kelp." Also obsessed with his orange ball is SPCA rescue Buddy, a Border Terrier and Yorkie mix who, along with his brother, soft coated Wheaton Terrier Welly, has varied interests. "Of course, just like other dogs, they love the beach for a walk, chasing squirrels and birds, all the awesome smells, and taking a dip every now and again," says their mom Ali. "But," she adds, "most of all, they love the people. They love going up to strangers and watching them smile while they get some attention. I think they truly love making people happy. Oftentimes, they will just sit by someone who is alone," she says. Many strangers have told Ali how the scruffy Buddy One of the best kept secrets of doggy delights is that Carmel Beach allows dogs to frolic off-leash, so long as they're under the voice command of their owners. Buddy's mom says that, while he loves chasing squirrels and birds, he loves people most of all. He and his brother Welly "love going up to strangers and watching them smile while they get some attention."

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