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190 C A R M E L M A G A Z I N E • S U M M E R / F A L L 2 0 1 8 siblings have warmed their hearts. "I always hear, 'I was having a bad day' or 'I'm having a hard time right now,' and they will just sit with the person, and the person forgets they're sad, even if it's just for a few minutes," she says. "So when we get ready to go to the beach, I always say, 'Let's go make someone's day!'" For tourists wishing they'd brought their dogs with them, Carmel Beach offers friendly faces to keep you company, and for first-timers bringing vacationing dogs, there's no shortage of advice and resources from locals. Accessories and clothing for any weather, along with countless treats to take to the beach, can be found at the popular Diggidy Dog on Ocean Avenue. And to complete the vacation photo album, the whole event can be memorialized by one of the area's professional dog photographers. "You come to Carmel to see the scenic beau- ty, and why not have your fur baby captured in the scenic elements as well?" says Pet Expressions' photographer Molly Nance. Describing her process, Nance emphasizes let- ting each pet's personality shine though. "I just wait for them," she says, "and I capture what they're giving me." The power of puppy love here is undeniable. What's clear is their personalities are as distinct as their humans' as they forge friendships, put- ting smiles on faces and creating community with every sandy step, while sharing one com- mon sentiment. "Carmel Beach is the most special place for dogs and humans," says Bryn, adding, "It's also an amazingly spiritual place, and one of my favorite spots in the world." Welly Wellington, aka Welly, frequents the beach three to six times a week. His warm personality puts smiles on strangers' faces. "I think they truly love making people happy," says dog mom Ali, of Welly and Buddy.

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