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Photos by Kelli Uldall 306 C A R M E L M A G A Z I N E • S U M M E R / F A L L 2 0 1 8 ~ T H E P E N I N S U L A S C E N E ~ Celebrating The CARL Cherry CENTER FOR THE ARTS Martha Torres, Peter Hiller, Jan Reimers C lose to 100 attendees were present to honor author/poet Elliot Ruchowitz-Rober ts and ar ts advocate Amy Essic at The Carl Cherry Center for the Ar ts' summer fundraiser. The event also included a retrospective of the Carl Cherry Center featuring works by its founder, Jeanne D'Orge. Over $18,000 was raised to be used for general operating expenses and much needed upgrades to the Cherry's facility. John McCleary, Polly Osborne, Susan Manchester, Joan Jeffers McCleary Nancy Dodds, Stefanie Chaney, Nicole Meunier Heidi Anderson Spicer, Willie Franklin, Bette Cannon Laura Ansley, Ron Brown, Nick Hovick Janelle Gistelli, Johnny Apodaca, Marty Lewis Dash & Barbara Gaston Georis, Chris Sanders, Sheila Sheppard Kristi Reimers, Richard Cannon, Susie Randall, CeCe McCoy Robert Reese, Robin Winfield, Elliott Ruchowitz- Roberts, Amy Essick Selene Ogden, Sid Hamilton, Mary Adams, Tracy Call Akili and Ayana Bradley Michael & Michelle Sapon Larry & Beverly Davidson Richard & Barbara Warren Photos: Kelli Uldall

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